The SMB Movie thread 2020


Richard Jewell - shocking how that poor bloke was treated just because he was a bit weird. Difficult viewing at times but enjoyed it. 7/10

High Plains Drifter - not a fan of Westerns really, but a mate recommended it and it was a decent if cheesy watch. 6/10
Last few I’ve watched:

Dora the explorer movie - to be fair it’s a quite enjoyable family film, kids loved it and I thought it was better than expected 6/10

The Room - Strange film about a room that gives you whatever you want, but weird but watchable 5/10

The Lodge - Bit daft, again watchable 5/10


Winger crash of a movie really, couple of laugh out loud moments but thats it, everyone should watch it though just to understand the kind of arseholes it's based on....I wonder what Philip Green and Mike Ashley think of it! 6.5/10
This, but 4/10.

Still worth a watch I suppose.
The Wrong Missy - 7/10

Netflix exclusive comedy with David Spade so was expecting the worst but it had me laughing a fair few times
Fractured - Netflix
Alan Shearers first full length feature filum and it's not bad. Saw the twist at the end coming but still a solid 8/10.
If its this one I thought it was class. Proper nerve racking film..

Z 8/10

Psychological horror much better than expected. Deserves a higher rating on IMDB imo. Its a bit like the Babadook which I thought was a great film.