The SMB Movie thread 2020/21


Prey - Enjoyed it, liked the prequal type vibe, with a few call outs to the original. Must be something else lined up, as Naru gets the gun that turns up in Predator 2 as a gift to Roger Murtaugh.
watched this yesterday, thought it was decent. nothing stupid, just a good story.


Central Defender
Sexy Beast (2000)

Not sure how I missed this at the time being bang into Guy Ritchie films and what not. This isn't quite at the Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels standard, but it's a really good watch.

It's really short, about 80mins, so if you want a funny, violent, British gangster type film for some light viewing get it watched.

It's a very noteworthy 3.2/4 from Mux.
Best British movie of the 00s
Bullet Train - Quite enjoyable, totally daft, some good dialog between lemon and tangerine, oh and Brad. 7/10

Day Shift - Wasn't expecting much of this really, but wasn't as bad as was expecting, again a bit daft, ok vampire escapism. 6/10


Day Shift was a bit dull overall, expected more from the premise but they really overplayed the fact that he was broke. 5/10

Rewatched I Robot, basically a Will Smith vehicle. They played around with the 3 laws a bit but the basic story wasn't much, cgi action not the best but it is nearly 20 years old. 5/10
Nope - really enjoyed it. Very good characters, well acted, and a great story.

It will not be for everyone in fact two people walked out the cinema, but for me 9/10.

Cecil The Lion

Reserve Squad
Finally got round to seeing The Northman, completely batshit mental, the getting high scene with Willem Dafoe was a, what am I watching moment. Really enjoyed it crazy but in a good way. Bonus points for the lovely Anya Taylor-Joy 9/10


Top Gun: Maverick

Finally got round to seeing it. Enjoyed it. A real throw back to the old way of making movies with actual locations and actors commuting to films rather than knowingly winking at how ludicrous a predicament they find themselves in (I’m looking at you, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans). Loved the old school “Produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer”. Also thought they did right by Val Kilmer, bravo to all involved.

2/10 worst film I have watched in a while , since Northman , which was just as bad, morbid banal script, Cruise far too old for the part. Awful trashy stuff.
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In my Covid room I have watched many greats of yore this weekend.
Delights such as Underworld Blood Wars, pandorum, AVP Requiem have all entertained me with tales of heroes, excitement and shite acting.

So tonight I decided rather than guff, I’d watch one of my personal favorites.

The house of the devil
If you’ve not seen it, I’m not surprised, barely anyone has :lol: but I really like Ti West’s style of slow burn horror. This was pretty much his first “big budget” movie having made (and tried to remove his name from) the DTV cabin fever 2: spring fever.

Anyway. I love the house of the devil. But I can’t tell you anything about it because that’s why it’s great.