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The SMB Book thread

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Monty Pigeon, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Schmarrnbeppi

    Schmarrnbeppi Goalkeeper

    Lutz is from the next town to me.
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  2. Teed

    Teed Striker

    60% through this.

    Paints a canny picture, but he can be a bit long winded at times.
  3. Monty Pigeon

    Monty Pigeon Winger

    The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima 9/10
    I hadn't read any Mishima since I was in my teens and got interested in his work after seeing the biopic by Paul Schrader. Really enjoyed this one, which, unlike many of his books, doesn't have masochistic/fascistic undertones.

  4. I'll probably give that a look as I'm a fan of Hiassen and Leonard but these things rarely work as the contrast in writing styles is too great. Suppose it is something a little different from a short story collection though.
    I'm not a great collaborator when it comes to writing and I've never felt comfortable doing it.
  5. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    I only read it as it’s the last non western of Leonard’s work I’ve not read. His son Peter is apparently finishing off the crime novel his dad was working on when he died in collaboration with his long term researcher. His sons four so far are not bad tbh but he’s chosen a tuff road to walk down.
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  6. JonnotheMackem

    JonnotheMackem Striker

    He seems like a hell of a man
  7. I must be imagining things, is there more than one book thread? Thought I'd posted on it more recently than last year.

    Anyway, recent reads in no particular order

    Downbelow Station by CJ Cherryh
    Bandits by Elmore Leonard
    The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie
    Dead Girl Walking by Christopher Brookmyre
    Want You Gone, also by Brookmyre
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by Le Carré
    The Honourable Schoolboy by Le Carré
    Smiley's People by Le Carré

    Trying to limit my podcast consumption to make more time for books at the moment, only so many hours in the day...
  8. WillD

    WillD Striker

    Don't cry for me sergeant major. 9/10
    If you're an ex squaddie, you'll get this more than most.

    I am Ozzy. 8.5/10
    I hate heavy rock, hate Black Sabbath, but this book had me in stitches on holiday, I couldn't put it down. How is he still alive?
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  9. On the subject of short reads, Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin is excellent. Weird, but excellent.

    Not enough short novels IMO. And too many long novels that are telling a story 100-200 pages shorter than the novel is.
  10. Monty Pigeon

    Monty Pigeon Winger

    I agree. Unless there's a reason for the novel to be long (Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess, for instance, had to be massive), long books are usually due to self-indulgence by the author.

    Muriel Spark and Penelope Fitzgerald both wrote brilliant yet short novels; once you get going with their work, it's hard to stop.

    The Yukio Mishima novels I'm currently reading are mostly very short too.
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  11. Loved 'Offshore'.
  12. Monty Pigeon

    Monty Pigeon Winger

    That was my first, and I didn't like it. My fault more than hers. I wasn't attuned to her. The Beginning of Spring was amazing, Human Voices brought the wartime BBC to life, and At Freddie's is hilarious.
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  13. Lexingtongue

    Lexingtongue Striker

    I'm a massive fan of the short story format. When done well, a short story can be truly masterful. Most authors write them as unfulfilling, meandering waffle, however, often without a real point or conclusion. When treated like a condensed story with a beginning and actual end, I really enjoy them.
  14. ouro

    ouro Striker

    Have you read the Shattered Sea trilogy by Abercrombie yet? It's well up to his usual standard.
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  15. No not yet but cheers for the recommendation
  16. Monty Pigeon

    Monty Pigeon Winger

    I love writing short stories - have had a few published. You can't waste a word.

    Have you read anything by Francis King? He's largely forgotten now, but I think he's one of the greatest short story writers the UK has ever produced. Another favourite is the South African writer Herman Charles Bosman. One of his best stories is here (there're also a couple of mine in the archive): Starlight on the Veld by Herman Charles Bosman | Narrative Magazine
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  17. That was quite the single sentence denouement!

    Don't think I've read a short story since high school, but I rather enjoyed it.

    Go on then... :rolleyes:

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  18. Harry Angstrom

    Harry Angstrom Striker

    I loved it. I don't think there is a spare sentence and it evokes a lot about the times, people's psychology and life.
  19. Lexingtongue

    Lexingtongue Striker

    Written a few myself! They're the most fun.

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