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The Scots

Discussion in 'SMB' started by RTRsBM, May 8, 2015.

  1. So people vote democratically for who they want yet it's the Scots fault, not the Tory Home Counties of the Labour heartlands. This place is fuckin mental.
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  2. Please tell me how the 50 Scottish seats alone could have changed the result from a right wing Tory government as I am all ears?

    Its mad isn't it.

    An area of the UK sticks to its principles and yet gets blamed. You would think in the north east of all places, that we would see the Scottish vote as being on our side. If only we also had the chance to vote for a similar left wing socialist party as they would also win by a landslide. Our so called 'socialist ' option own here these days looks more like Thatchers Tories to me.
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  3. Tiberius

    Tiberius Full Back

    So called anti-austerity party subjecting the rest of the country and themselves to austerity.
  4. RTRsBM

    RTRsBM Striker

    A well thought out argument. See flared hicks signature for my response.
  5. janiep

    janiep Striker

    I'm not blaming them, but I am questioning the wisdom.
  6. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    Yet to listen to them, it's perfect.
  7. johnson

    johnson Striker

    no and we end up with a right wing fuckin tory government

    People don't realise the north east is now totally and utterly fucked

    The nationalists above us and the Tories below us, both with all the power, and nobody has any intention of bothering with us because we would we, the only Labour majority left.

    The only ones with no fucking say, its very very very beak outlook.

    Sad sad day for this country, and I am pretty devastated to be honest.
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  8. Roger Senseless

    Roger Senseless Midfield

    = I used to like them, then it turned out that they don't agree with me, so now I hate them.

    What a maggot :lol:
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  9. raindog

    raindog Winger

  10. raindog

    raindog Winger

  11. raindog

    raindog Winger

  12. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    Why did this get bumped? The scotch finally decided to fuck off?
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  13. Black_Cat

    Black_Cat Central Defender

    They're too small to compete apparently, makes them more aggressive though.
  14. I've generally found the Scots to be just the same as normal people.
  15. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    I'm all for Scottish Independence if that's what Scotland wants, it's their land, who are we to argue. But, imo Nicola Sturgeon is just a slimy anti-English bitch with an agenda.

    I liked Alex Salmond, but she's just a kernt imo.

    I'd like to see the Britian stay together if possible. Brothers in Arms etc.
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  16. wish yee would fuck off ya melt
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  17. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    You lot had the chance to fuck off but bottled it.

    Why is it that those scotch nationalists who shout the loudest usually can't get out of the shit hole quick enough?
  18. MKF

    MKF Midfield

    Scotland as a country, and Scottish people, are outstanding. Great sense of normality amongst the reactioanry bollocks of the world just now.
  19. schaefer

    schaefer Full Back

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  20. I didn't, I live in Sunderland ya fuckwit

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