The Russians have done another in

Discussion in 'SMB' started by dangermows, Mar 13, 2018.

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    clear yer Inbox
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    Theresa May takes action and sends a crack man to deal with Putin.

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  3. of all the things May wants to grandstand about ... this won't win her any votes .
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    I think Putin is doing a good job of removing Russian immigrants from these shores. He puts May et al to shame!

    And the Americans have Trump anarl. This is getting to be a very backward country.
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    No problem with former spies getting knocked off by Mother Russia, shit happens, especially with that mad bastard in charge, and always has. Traitors of most nations around the world can probably expect the same treatment, not least those of the good ole US of A.

    Let them crack on.

    Maybe we should ask them to try not to do it in Zizzis but that's as far as it should go. Fucking May with her deadlines :lol:
  6. Latest reports suggest it was administered from their car, so the traces in Zizzis and the pub are probably just collateral residue.
  7. Or Druid st or Spoons

    I kind of agree but the colateral damage to joe public needs sorting out.
    A copper and hundreds or people on one Sunday afternoon could be damaged and that could be just the tip of the iceberg.
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    I think they used the nerve agent on purpose to check the effect it would have. Killing him was just a means to an end game. Nobody’s dead yet, but the collateral damage from using just a tiny amount has been massive.
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  9. The effects of such an agent have been out there since the early 2000s with the emergency services carrying an agent to counter act it. Every ambulance vehicle has it and all staff know how to use it under direction. The scenario however is a mass poisoning and not just a coulple of people......... how true could this have been?
    Atropine Is the Simplest Treatment for Nerve Gas Attacks, And Syria Is Running Low | Smart News | Smithsonian
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  10. Putin must be like a dog with two dicks at the moment. He knows the West is now very fractured with Brexit tearing Europe apart and Trump isolating the USA as well as causing internal turmoil. He also knows that Trump is dumb enough and vain enough that he believes Putin is someone he can work with, so is covering up what he can, disrupting where he can, and generally not publicly criticising Russia. Fertile ground for owld Vlad to make hay while the sun shines.

    If I was an exiled Russian who he has a grudge against, I'd be seriously shitting myself.
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  11. Purrfect South

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    They weren’t able to even identify this one for a day or two. I doubt it was top of their priority list, as it hadn’t been heard of for ages. It’s an absolute minefield to police the possibility for this kind of incident.
    I do think that despite our better knowledge, and preparation for them, virus strains pose more of a threat as they are passed on really fast.
  12. It's been on the radar for ages. I know it's taken a while to identify but the protocol is out there on the back of the carry on in the last 17 or so years.
    I would have missed it.
    I'm guessing I would have thought some kind of "legal high"
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    :lol::lol: nee chance you're a nurse.
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    From what I gather Europe can last longer without russian gas due to all the gas storage than they can without our money. A couple of massive storage facilities have been built recently.
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    Would you be ok with them parachuting in a crack unit to climb in through somebody’s office window in Basingstoke and machine gun them whilst they were catching up with their email?
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    They don't have to showboat. I'm not really with them using chemical weapons in public either but if they want to quietly disappear someone who's an enemy of their state and ship him back in a few diplomatic bags, then who are we to argue?
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    Watched it yesterday. Good insight into the fella, basically out for himself. I liked how at first he tried to get the West on board, then as soon he lost his man in the Ukraine he blamed the Americans and decided to fuck the West off from then on. Proper dummy out :cool::lol:
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    Was canny wasnt it? Not a full on biased western propaganda documentary but seemed fairly well balanced.
    I liked how he fucked over the oligarchs especially the lad who had Yukos and took massive back handers for himself. As we’ve said, he couldn’t give a fuck could he.:lol:
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    That was tremendous. Knew all the facts and wanted to screw them over. Looked good to the public, like he was tackling the rich and powerful when it was all really about his personal envy and greed. Yep, the bloke couldn't care less :lol:
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