The Russians have done another in

Discussion in 'SMB' started by dangermows, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. the dark one

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    I'd really like to know what she or us think we can do to hurt them!
    He could bring us to our knees very quickly just by turning the gas off.:eek::)
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  2. Phwoaaar ;)
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  3. Phelan - Vlad all over.

    We hardly get any of our gas from Russia. Mainland Europe does, but most of ours comes from the North Sea, either our own or Norway's, and some LNG shipped in from around the world, mainly the Middle East.
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  4. the dark one

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    Good. Fuck him then, let's go for it.

    Edit.43% of our gas is from British supplies.19% is shipped in from around the world, 38% from Europe pipelines, if which Russia supply most of it. So he could hurt us easily.
    Prices would rocket.
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  5. Na, you read the British Gas page which is misleading. We get less than 10% from Gazprom, which is not insignificant, but not enough to fret over. We recently took the first tanker of Russian LPG into the UK, but then it was subsequently shipped on to Asia where the price for gas is higher.

    Mainland Europe is more at risk from Vlad turning off the taps, but we are opening the door to them having more influence.
  6. Ludwig

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    So he’s taking our cats as well. :evil:
  7. Rizla

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    He can snip a few undersea cables and that'll be it for the SMB.
  8. Ludwig

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    Looked like a nice day for it mind. !
  9. Jgrainger

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    The Russians get this mad bastard and we are going to end up with Jeremy fucking Corbyn.
  10. Dougal

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    You're not kidding, first deaths in the town we have our first cricket tour, second death round the corner from me house ....... it's the people in Bury St Edmunds who need to be looking over their shoulders .... :eek:
  11. Are we going to war then?

    Are we better off than when we sent the BEF and a few horses against the hun back in the day?

    Do we need to get some planes on our almost-aircrat carrier?
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  12. [​IMG]

    Money money money, its so funny, in a rich mans world....
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    Fucking brilliant!!!:lol::lol:

    @cheeses of nazereth does me a favour mate and hoy a tin foil hat on him and the bear and thats my new avatar!:lol:
  14. yorkyexile

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    Well an hour and a half before the russians stick two`s up to Boris and Therry, is it worth going to bed before the three minute warning gans off?
  15. FootballFan

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    Putin v Teresa May :cry:
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  16. Please God, not Trump, May or Merkel :eek:
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  17. Lefty Frizzell

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  18. He is but he's nee Pat Phelan
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  19. gavinmcant

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    I reckon this dead fella administered the gas and was a double agent.
  20. Discopants91

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    How does one go about defecting?

    Asking for a mate.

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