The "real" reason Reid should be sacked

Discussion in 'Gold' started by smoker, Aug 27, 2002.

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  1. Homer

    Homer Winger Lost Magpie

    So you're expecting to get relegated ? and you still want to keep him as manager because he'll be able to bring you back up ? That's a very warped sense of logic. Surely staying in the Premiership would be better ?
  3. Martian

    Martian Guest

    You make me laugh and provide entertainment, you just can't argue with my point it is fact.

    Phillips was 25 - 26 scoring 30+ goals a season, fair enough he still has a few more years left and i hope he re-discovers his form, but to me he looked much sharper in front of goal 2 or 3 seasons ago.

    We had Michael Bridges, one of Englands outstanding tallented young strikers, but let him go rather than attempting to pair him with Phillips.

    We had a fit Niall Quinn

    As for Dichio, he was a good option for us and I tell you what he has more about him than the bruiser Kyle.

    Phillips, Kyle, Bellion, Proctor our current strikers - you make me laugh.

    How can you say that is stronger than Phillips, Quinn, Bridges, Dichio four years ago? :eek: :eek:
  4. Mate if you are going to skew any comment to fit your story, why not leave here, get a job doing it professionally with The Sun, and do us all a favour.
  5. smoker

    smoker Striker

    I thangew sir.

    I think it depends whether KARB was commenting on the general inate ability of the managers or the tolerance of the board to their relative failure with the resources available. If he was commenting on the former his argument is flawed due to no fixed period of games or same division to benchmark the results against. If he was commenting on the latter, the lack of benchmark is still a problem but it's a more valid point. Only one person knows what KARB was getting at! 8)
  6. As might be expected from your name, you are in your own universe where everything looks exactly as you want it, everything is black and white, and no-one has a valid counter argument to anythign you say.

    I could spend the rest of the morning picking holes just in the above, but I know a waste of time when I see one.

    You just go on thinking you're the only one with the answers mate. Me, I like it here on Planet Earth.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  8. Welshy

    Welshy Midfield

    It could also reflect on the fact that of the players we've bought and sold, we've made no fucking money at all (with the exception of Hutchison), and of the eight players currently on the transfer list we look set to make at least fuck all, all over again to swell the coffers.

    It's not just Reid's record relative to these other managers which looks damning, it's the apparent inability/unwillingness to do anything about it. If you were in charge of a club that had barely survived last season without relegation and scored round about threee quarters of a goal a game, would you bring in some new strikers and players capable of delivering the ball to them or would you make hay while Rome pisses into the wind?
  9. Homer

    Homer Winger Lost Magpie

    I haven't skewed any comment. You may notice the question marks which indicate that I'm asking whether I understand correctly what he's written. He wrote that Reid turned things round after relegation, so why can't he do it again i.e. why can't he turn things round after relegation in the future. I've then drawn a conclusion based on what I understand to have been suggested.

    The Sun writers write things nice and simple for people like you to understand. I can't promise to stick to single syllable words just for you to keep up.
  10. Stir

    Stir Midfield

    Three years ago Kevin Phillips was the highest scorer in the Premiership. No one could argue with that as it was there in black and white that he had scored 30 goals and you just couldn't argue with that.

    The same was true of Andy Cole at Newcastle back in 93-94.

    In the last two season SK has managed 25 goals in total, 5 less than the first season. He cannot be as good a goalscorer as he was then. The criteria for measuring has to be changed to include the 'better all round player" bit. But to me that sounds just like Andy Cole going to Man U and never scoring as many goals again.

    So, SK isn't the goalscorer he was from 4 years ago, NQ has gone, Bridges has gone, Dichio I have no idea about, but is probably comparable to Kyle at the moment. Reid has systematically reduced the attacking options available.
  11. Martian

    Martian Guest

    Hypocrite alert !!!!!!!!!!
  12. Maybe I'm thick - but are you trying to say that the club is not trying to bring in strikers and more attacking midfield options ? Thats the only way I can interpret the above, but unfortunately that conflicts with my interpretation of everything else I see/hear.
  13. Oh thats so very clever.
  14. Welshy

    Welshy Midfield

    No, I'm saying either they are unwilling or incapabale, that's why I said "apparent inability/unwillingness".
    If Reid is trying his hardest and still can't manage it then he should step aside for someone who can, if he's not willing to do this than Murray should have the balls/leadership to make that decision for him.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well, I think you have misunderstood me. What I said was that Reid turned things around after one bad season. Last season was bad too. Why shouldn't he be able to do it again? I said nothing about getting relegated again, which obviously would mean two bad seasons in a row.

  16. I see, so if you played a team of 10 skittles and SKP, then the fact that SKP wouldnt score many goals would mean that he'd lost it as a goalscorer?

    Anyone who has watched SKP play since he joined us KNOWS that he is a much better all round player now. In fact, I think he'd do a better Scholes-role for SAFC/England than Scholes does himself.

    NQ has gone ? Must have been his ghost I saw playing up front at the last two matches.

    Bridges, I can honestly say that, to me, he flattered to deceive. Even when he was scoring for fun at Leeds, I was thinking to myself "that won't last". PR was entirely right to play SKP/DP together in Div 1, if that stretched Bridges loyalty too far, then I'd show him a picture of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and tell him to F* off.

    Dichio isn't worth talking about. He's at the other end of his career to Kyle, so if you say they are comparible now, then presumably they won't be later.

    True enough we are light in the PROVEN forwards now, but that happens to every team at some point in the cycle. The club has promising young-uns, and has been busting a gut to get more experience and has kept its best forwards in the meanwhile (which has rarely happened in the past). Cant ask more than that, at this point in time.
  17. Sorry but the old memory cells arent as good as they used to be - can you just remind me who the last SAFC manager was who brought in near world class strikers in 15 secs by simply twitching his nose ?
  18. Welshy

    Welshy Midfield

    So you're saying that because we've been in the doldruums for a long time I shoudl be happy to stick by a manager who is demonstarting precious little ability in the transfer market and a similar level of skill at motivating our team and giving them a reasonable game plan to go out and win a football match?
  20. No, if you ever find yourself in that situation I wouldn't.
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