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The "real" reason Reid should be sacked

Discussion in 'Gold' started by smoker, Aug 27, 2002.

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  1. smoker

    smoker Striker

    arguments about the quality of the football, confidence, ALS, the fans, money available aside:

    Peter Reid's last 38 competetive games at Sunderland:
    8 wins, 10 draws, 20 defeats

    Walter Smith's last 38 competetive games at Everton:
    10 wins, 12 draws, 16 defeats

    Bryan Robson's last 38 competetive games at Middlesbrough (pre Venables):
    10 wins, 12 draws, 16 defeats

    Ruud Gullit's last 38 competetive games at Newcastle:
    11 wins, 12 draws, 15 defeats

    Source = soccerbase

    Take any selection of results, 25, 10 etc and Reid still looks bad compared to at least one other person on that list.

    Gullit and Robson arguably spent more than Reid, but Smith spent far less.

    How much longer shall we give him anyone?
  2. JOEJA

    JOEJA Midfield


    as I`ve already said managers should be judged on results first and foremost and as you`ve pointed out reids (38 is more than enough to be judged)is piss poor to say the least.
  3. Teejay

    Teejay Winger

    3 wins

    3 wins in 22 games? Would ANY other manager in the top flight have gotten away with that? People talk about him getting a second chance - I think he's had his second chance.
  4. dom

    dom Striker

    You can't argue with those stats. Pretty damning I would say! :(
  5. be careful lads,you may get jumped on by the Reid in bandwagon. It must be getting hard for them to stick up for him now..............
  6. Fez

    Fez Guest

    I'd love to see our home form in the past 20 games.

    Looking at those stats says everything, let's not forget our wins in their are against Bolton 1-0, Leicester 2-1 and some bugger else I can't remember!
  7. JOEJA

    JOEJA Midfield


    wasnt it bolton away 2-0 aswell??
  8. Perryqhill

    Perryqhill Striker

    Actually in the time he was there Smith probably spent as much, as he paid a helluva lot out - Dacourt £4.5m, Watson £3m, Pistone £3.5m, Matterazzi £3m, Simonsen £2.2m, Bakayoko £4.5m, Alexandersson £2m, Gemmill, Pembridge £1m, Naysmith £2m, Radzinski £2.5m, Nyarko £4m, Linderoth £2m and many more i can't remember, though he did recoup a lot.
  9. Stir

    Stir Midfield

    Derby 1-0, so all the big teams
  10. Perryqhill

    Perryqhill Striker

    I know it has no real relevence, i was just bored - Big Dunc £3.5m, Tal £1m :p
  11. Stir

    Stir Midfield

    incl the WBA cup match

    Plyd 20
    Won 6
    Drawn 7
    Lost 10
    Points 25

    Since Xmas
    P 10
    W 2
    D 3
    L 5
    F 8
    A 11
    Pts 9

    Scored two gainst mighty Leicester before that last time scored 2 at home was 18/11/01
  12. Stir

    Stir Midfield

    he has sold Dunc for over £7m to start with !
  13. Fez

    Fez Guest

    So we beat 2 nationwide sides and Bolton! Basically in the past 40 games we've played WELL and WON at the same time, twice.

    Blackburn A 3-0.
    Leeds H 2-0.

    But hey, look where we were when Reid took over.
  14. Fez

    Fez Guest

    SKY said on Saturday that we've scored ZERO or ONE goal in 33 of our last 40 games.

    Only scored more than three times home goal once in the past 12 months.

    Still, look where we were 7 years ago.
  15. Stir

    Stir Midfield

    Walter Smith's buys and sells from soccerbase

    98/99 Buys 20.3m Sales 8.4m, net spend 11.9m
    99/00 buys 11.3m sales 17.1m , net in 5.8m
    00/01 buys 17.7m sales 19.7m, net in 2m
    01/02 buys 8.9m sales 7.9m, net spend 1m

    Overall buys = 58.2, sales = 53.1, net buys = 5.1m, over 4 years = under £1.3m per season spent.
  16. DaveH

    DaveH Striker

    Thats 34 points, and to complete the picture goals for 27, goals against 51, goal difference -24.

    Assuming the record continues this season, we can look forward to cheering 0.71 goals a game, conceeding 1.34 before certain relegation.

    Oh joy
  17. Perryqhill

    Perryqhill Striker

    Aye, but what that doesn't take into account, sold most the good players he'd bought like Dacourt and Matterazi and then sold all the clubs best young players like Ball and Jeffers that makes up a fair amount of the money received.
  18. Martian

    Martian Guest

    The Reid inners are conspicuous by their absence on this one.

    Hang on a minute, I'll speak on their behalf - Look where we were 7 years ago. :lol:
  19. Stir

    Stir Midfield

    in the last 23 games against sides currently in the Permiership Sunderland have one win, against Bolton at home. Similar progress in next 23 would mean one win by Xmas
  20. Teejay

    Teejay Winger


    1 Win by Xmas - I'd take that at this precise moment.

    But we'd beaten absolutely no Premiership sides the season Reid took over 7 years ago. Now that's progress.
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