The re-branding of caravans

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Down here in Yorkshire they call them sheds, and a person that owns one is a shedder. Shed on wheels I guess.

Have heard people call them holiday homes at work only admitting it’s an actual caravan on further probing, too proud to call it what it is.
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Bloke I worked with used to say ‘I’m taking the van down easingwold’

I read a newspaper article not long ago saying after his marriage dissolved he slept with a lass 14 and was caught and jailed. Not saying ’the van’ was to blame but if he’d took his lass to Bali instead she might not have left him
Best rid I'd say.

Bob Fleming

Just seen a fellow SMBer refer to his caravan as a holiday home on another thread.

I’ve stayed with Eurocamp a couple of times and they are “chalets”.

We all know what they are, you’re not fooling anyone. Are people that ashamed of living like a pikey for 2 weeks of the year?
@radjee gadjee he's talking about you

My caravan is just that. A caravan. But I don't hoyke the thing about any more. Sited it in north yorks.
When lockdown is over and non of you fuckers can get booked in anyway I'll have my little patch in the Dales to escape to.

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Some try calling their statics lodges
Even worse, it’s the opposite of a lodge.

Mind I find centre parcs a similar vibe, they are glorified statics faced with wood, absolute rip off. The on-site dining is grim along with the “sub tropical swimming paradise” on par with crow tree baths back in the day