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The Northeast's best driving road

Discussion in 'SMB' started by pork pie and a pint, May 8, 2012.

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  1. WheyHey

    WheyHey Striker

  2. Barry Siddall

    Barry Siddall Striker

    Shields to Sunderland coast road
  3. kingmonkey

    kingmonkey Winger

    Oh yes! About 15 years ago I got my E reg 1 litre polo off the ground on that stretch!
  4. Cowvahlo

    Cowvahlo Striker

    It's immense when there isn't a bastard cop car with speed gun waiting around the corner while you're doing 60 in a 50 zone...bastards!!!
  5. Dinsdale

    Dinsdale Winger

    If you want to take off you can try the A68 between the A69 and A696. There's 3 steep peak and trough hills in a row. There's a couple of roads in Yorkshire too, one near Kettlewell where there is a hidden humpback bridge and one dropping off the moors towards Pickering. Had 2 cars take off on them, neither on purpose I might add :evil:
  6. Joe Fabulous

    Joe Fabulous New Member

    Witton By -pass. :roll:
  7. 29580

    29580 Guest

    Usually do THIS preferred route, when travelling from Washington to Pooley Bridge, camping.

    Slightly longer and slower than the bland route me mates all take. But we prefer it and get there 10 mins after them, Max.

    Still prefer the Weldon Bridge - Rothbury ride, that I mentioned earlier, by a fucking mile mind.
  8. northumberland coastal route is a nice drive up or down .lovely castles dotted on the route .
  9. CPK1979

    CPK1979 Midfield

    I did the road from the a66 via tan hill into hawes today...

  10. Harry Bawlls

    Harry Bawlls New Member

    Spuggy's bridge on Lukes Lane, is not the original "Spuggy's Bridge" it's just in a similar location to the original and inherited the name.

    Spuggy being from Sparrow - as they used to nest there in the thousands many moons ago.
  11. Cowvahlo

    Cowvahlo Striker

    End of thread
  12. that is a nice road, as is the road from tan hill back to richmond. turn left at reeth heading for barnard castle is very good as well.

    my favourite is going down silent bank on the a181 towards durham where you first see the cathedral. never get tired of that stretch.
  13. Wise Man Says

    Wise Man Says Striker

    The coast road from Roker to South Shields.

    Good shout.
  14. Dinsdale

    Dinsdale Winger

    If you turn right you hit Buttertubs which is immense

    Here's another which has just sprung to mind too - the Blakey Ridge road from Kirbymoorside across the North York moors.
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