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Discussion in 'SMB' started by TheWanderer, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. TheWanderer

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    Guess who's spreading this story:

    "Not being one to spread rumours I haven’t post about the delays as there’s no proof to find and of course the council wont tell. Several people have contacted m...e about the delays now so here goes.

    One is its Sinking??? Most messages I receive are backing this one up. I was talking to someone who was working on the new bridge and they told me that it has no expansion joints built in, and with it being a rope bridge it moves considerably in the wind.

    He told that the reason it still isn’t open is due to the fact that the welds keep breaking when it moves and the story of them still painting it is just a cover story.

    He also told me if they were to incorporate expansion joints they’d have remove and rebuild the entire middle section which would take months.

    Just wondering if Sunderland Council complicit in this rather monumental cock up?

    Anyway just thought I’d let you know, if you do use this information could you keep me anonymous? As I believe this information is also covered by a non disclosure agreement.

  2. cluffy

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    Is it open yet mate?
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  3. Martin F

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    Loopy Len strikes again.
  4. weebil64

    weebil64 Winger

    Isn't that the point of paint?
  5. girojim

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    I imagine this is utter fucking nonsense like
  6. Just read this myself. The bit in bold made me chuckle.
  7. timharding

    timharding Midfield

    Loopy Len

    alright Len?
  8. KeefBeer

    KeefBeer Midfield

    I cannot see any structure being built without expansion joints in a climate that can vary from -5%c to +25%c
    I call bullshit
  9. Bob Fleming

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    Exactly. It's almost as if the leader of the council needs to review the architectural specifications for accuracy himself. If the design was wrong they can be sued.

    No doubt it's not as bad as Len is making out here. But, it's delayed and weather is a bullshit reason for me. Fuck knows I've helped come up with plenty of bullshit for project delays myself in the past. They would have just increased man hours to get it done. It's something else and they are not admitting.
  10. GingerNick

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    a rope bridge??? does he mean suspension bridge...cos its not that either the thick twat

    and no engineer in the world would design a road deck that doesnt have expansion points
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  11. weebil64

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    That wire rope stuff, modern and that.
  12. Do you think people now just feed him utter bollocks about anything, but include that it's being covered up by Sunderland City Council, to see if he's actually fucking stupid enough to repeat it? That bridge story certainly looks like it's possible!

    Rope bridge, FFS, the stupid bastard.
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  13. MrOompapa

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    On the way home a taxi driver repeated this rumour to me. Obviously I didn’t believe it (and if it were not for this thread I wouldn’t have repeated it) because it’s not a reliable source, but it is insightful from the OP to realize where the rumour came from.

    It is also worrying to also see the widespread influence of mad len on everyday opinion with things like this. More sensible folk dismiss him, but I’d say amongst many average people in Sunderland he’s sadly winning the ideological war like.
  14. tunstallhill

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    'i don't spread rumours me, and even though there is no proof, i'm gonna do it anyway..'

    would love to know how the inclusion of 'expansion joints' would have stopped it sinking, and what relevance 'the wind' and 'rope' have on it sinking.

    i'm also sure that removing 'the middle section' would take more than a few months.

    i hope the council dont deny this, don't stoop to that level.

    theres clearly snagging going on, and certain things might not be signed off. the cherry pickers currently there might well just be for show. but i'm sure its not sinking cos of the rope and wind

    without doubt. i hear it regularly. people read something online, take it immediately as fact, tell their mates that they heard it from someone who has a mate 'high up' as they don't want to admit to taking it from Facebook, and all of a sudden its fact.
  15. HABA87

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    You? :lol:;)
  16. TheWanderer

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    He pops up on my facebook page all the time, I follow his corrupt council page which basically shares all of Len's own posts.

    Its the same names that crop up all the time who agree with him, makes me laugh some of the comments...I started replying to get into a reasonable debate but he simply ignores the facts with anything.

    Good point! :)
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  17. vinegar hill

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    Well this morning there was 2 of them big cherry pickers extended fully up to the top.
    Is that still them painting?
  18. GingerNick

    GingerNick Striker

    I take it this guy is a bit simple between the ears

    they didnt hire Lyle Lanley to build it....its a big engineering company who have built projects all over the world (definitely not in North Haverbrook or Ogdenville)
  19. weebil64

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    A tad condescending there.
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