The National


The polyrhythm used in Fake Empire makes my head hurt on the inside. I quite like some of their stuff though

One of the band's I have enjoyed most over the last few years is Band Of Horse.

Detlef Schrempf
The great salt lake
I go to the barn because I like the
Our swords

^All good songs to get you into them^

That's Band Of Horses (plural)
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They are my favourite band. I’m flying back for the Castlefied Bowl gig and can’t wait.

I’m not sure where the hipster band idea comes from as they’re not obscure enough for that.

I struggle to pick a favourite song but it would be between Bloodbuzz Ohio, Slipped, Daughters of Soho Riots or Start a War.


Runaway into Conversation 16 is a massive highlight. I'm starting to sway towards High Violet being my favourite album of theirs.
Brainy, Start A War and Ada all sound brilliant on the Boxer Live album.
Born to Beg and Empire Line off SWB are topper.

Could easily have a constantly changing top 10 or even 20 IMO.
I need to revisit TWFM, but High Violet is now comfortably their best album for me. Superb band.

Looked at going to Glasgow in August but that was short lived..
Tried and failed to get into them several times.
Me anarl.
Mind, I'm sure Chunks has admitted that he has only been into music for the last 3 or 4 years. That would mean he missed the Brotherhood of Man era.

Do people really listen to music because they’ve been told to?

What a mental suggestion.
Of course they do - have you heard the charts? No, so case proven.
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