The Most You Have Won

won a night in some fancy spa hotel somewhere in cumbria that i forget the name of years ago. got food poisoning.
i'm not very lucky but dropped about 50p in 2p's on one of those nudgy machines that shove coins towards the end into the chute last year at blackpool. what a feeling.


Full Back
Had a ten fold over goals last season worth 2 grand or more. Goals flying in after half time. Waiting for Luton and some fucker else to score so needed one goal. Cash out went to a grand cashes out. Luton scores the minute my cash out went in the bastards.

Rick O Shea

About £90 on the lottery. Was only 3 numbers as well. I don't think I was born particularly lucky. But then again, does anyone who supports Sunderland think they are?
Visit to novorossysk in Russia on the ship. Went into a casino and paid $10 yes dollars to get in and got a free chip to bet with. I don't gamble and just stuck it on roulette. Red or black. Built up a few chips and it was time to leave so I stuck it all on black. One of the lads grabbed me and said do you know how much you've just bet. I didn't have a clue but he the told me it was 800 dollars. Obviously lost it all and was quite gutted but hey ho I had a good night and didn't really lose anything. Vodka worked out about 17 pence a bottle so we all had a great night and it cost us about a tenner between 20 of us.
In terms of actual gambling then only 100 on a footy accumlator.

80 euros wager on a golf match but I was about 95% confident I'd win. Was meant to be 40 but was offered double or quits down the 18th which I took.

I'm not a very frequent gambler.