The Most You Have Won

Emma Chisset

A cheeseboard and cheese knife in a co-op spot the difference competition.

I was pleased to have won, of course, but i don't reckon that many people entered.


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Won £500 from a tenner on a 50-1 shot when I was down Aintree a few years back in the last race, paid for the weekend.

Went to Butlins in Ayr and won a week full board for the following year in a quiz, didn’t bother going back because it was a bit shit.


On one bet £1500 £100 on 14/1 outsider in a 5f sprint won by a shd.
In one day over 4k still must be about 10 to 15k down in all though
Very rarely gamble these days

eta: won 5 months on the trot with premium bonds £25 each month
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Won a few chunks before but the one that meant the most was when I was a Young’n and had pretty much zero disposable income. Put £1 on the 2010 league cup final. Went for Man Utd to win 2-1 but with villa to score first. Meant I could pay for my car tax instead of me having to either sell something or beg a family member. Never had a buzz like it. Not much of a gambler now really, but that feeling was immense.
£15.22 today from a £1 sky bet, cashed out after first few games, did right as 3 of the others went tits up. Won £140 on lottery last Nov, night before daughter's graduation, went for meal after ceremony, meal was £180 minus student discount it came to £140, guess who paid ;) Lost out on the night as bought several rounds of cocktails for the 10 of us in the party, it was a one off though. (other daughter starts Edinburgh Uni in Sept :lol:)
£180 on a footy bet, West brom were like 18-1 to beat man u (think West brom were near the bottom of the league at the time and I had a free £10 bet). I won £110 on the slots online too.