The most Sunderland phrase you can think of?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Paddy O'Dors, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Tuono

    Tuono Goalkeeper

    I always though "impittant" was our way of saying impudent not impertinent.
  2. Butcher's Coat

    Butcher's Coat Striker

    Both have the same meaning.
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  3. Gray Matter

    Gray Matter Goalkeeper

    And mine (Roker)
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  4. Stubbs ftm

    Stubbs ftm Winger

    Eh, imppittent isn't a real word?

    Thought it was used to describe a cheeky little shit who talks back to elders?

    We were always told to stop being impittent when younguns
  5. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    :confused: What?
  6. Git choss.
  7. Augustus Winthrop

    Augustus Winthrop Goalkeeper

    Git Choller or Choller as owt :)
  8. EchoMan

    EchoMan Winger

    My missus was talking about our grandson at the weekend:

    “He’s in the kitchen on his honkers”

    Not heard that for ages.
  9. Haunches?
  10. EchoMan

    EchoMan Winger

    Aye but she said honkers and it took me back years. It’s what we used to say.
  11. We used to say *Tumbling your creams when we were kids :lol:

    I thing we got mixed up with "creels" :oops:

    *cowping your creels
  12. We said hunkers
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  13. EchoMan

    EchoMan Winger

    Me mam used to say that. “He’s cowped his creels” ie he’s fallen over.

    She also used to call the kitchen her scullery
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  14. Jap Stammer

    Jap Stammer Central Defender

    And round our way (South Hylton)

  15. Oh yes I think me Nanna had a scullery it was tagged on to the end of the house
  16. Yeah same here. But my grandma, not Nanna.
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  17. :) :cool:
    I had two Nanna's, one gran dar and an uncle ted ( thats what we called one of me Nannas second husband)

    My son had a Nanna (my dad died when I was pregnant :( ) and a grandma and a gran dad

    My contemporys who have been blessed with grand children are mostly opting to be called "Grannie" now .
  18. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

    It's just Nana and Granda in the sunny climes of South Durham
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  19. My husband is from Harrogate, I blame him for all these "foreign" terms,;) for gods sake he even got the son calling me "mum". :eek: :D
  20. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

    Grounds for divorce that, Karen.
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