The most Sunderland phrase you can think of?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Paddy O'Dors, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Was asked today by an exile as proof of birthright.

    "A bit shan that like"

    I passed the test. :cool:


  3. Gannin down the town tomorra neet like?
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  4. Gala

    Gala Midfield

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  5. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    What does that mean?
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  6. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    That's canny radged that like.
  7. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    :confused: Does it mean something else in Sunderland?
  8. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

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  9. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    That is a class word. Drawked. I'll start using it!
  10. BigPete

    BigPete Striker

    Alreet marra
  11. South Hylton

    South Hylton Midfield


    Not heard that for years.
  12. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    I reckon "marra" might be up there as the most Sunderland word for me, like. I learned it on here; no-one in Shildon or Bishop says it.
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  13. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

  14. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    Eh? I was talking about 'chemist'.

    That's a real word mate. You're just saying it funny.

    HELLISH | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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  15. eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!
  16. Redandwhitedust

    Redandwhitedust Goalkeeper

    "For fucks sake"
    Maybe not a Sunderland phrase, but I say it a lot when I'm watching the match
  17. chr1s1973

    chr1s1973 Striker

    I don't think "neet" is Sunderland myself.

    Yeah,but it means good in Sunderland,not bad.
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  18. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Means soaked
  19. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Spenk is pretty great too. Sat next to one atm.
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  20. tunstallhill

    tunstallhill Striker

    hadaway n shite man

    if yer garna gan, gan

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