The Mauritanian

It’s not ‘dross’.

It’s possible, of course, to have differing opinions on what is, and what is not, enjoyable or interesting. But this is a well acted and high quality production that for many, including me, is thought provoking, surprising in places and a good, if sometimes slightly challenging, watch.

It was one of those films that I felt I ‘should’ watch, rather than expect to be ‘entertained’. I wasn’t expecting a barrel of laughs and I was concerned that it might al be a little too gruesome and real.

But it was sensitively done so that months of torture and what was done by and in ‘the land of the free’ to ‘defend democracy and freedom’ were depicted in a way that won’t give me nightmares.

I realise that it was ‘based on truth’ but is a dramatic production. I’m confident, however, that a 100% accurate portrayal would never be released nor find an audience.

And, yeah, I’d heard of Mauritania.

Found Barry Norman's login here mind.


It was OK as a Movie noting special.

Trial of the Chicago 7 is a much better legal type movie if you're in the mood for courtroom drama.