The Masons


Yes they're still a thing but they've relaxed the elitism these days to encourage new blood.

They were once very active in Sunderland and were behind the building of Penshaw Monument (as a monument to John Lambton who was a deputy grandmaster).


Full Back
I joined in my early 20's haven't been for years no longer a member of a lodge. The United grand Lodge of England are doing a big push trying to get new members and be more open. Its all pretty much about raising money, there's fuck all free about free masonry

The Mole

Does anyone still join the Masons?

I'm very curious to know if the Masons are still a thing. Obviously I'm a lass so it's by design telling me to fuck off. Relying on the overwhelming maleness of the SMB to give me some good intel here.
Yes I’m a Free Mason and let me tell you there’s nowt free about it.

PS if anyone would like further information you can inbox me.


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Plenty still get better jobs etc from being in.
Once got told the only group with more influence (in South tyneside) than the masons was the catholic church. Still has an effect.