The Mandalorian.

In the last one there's a reference to Stormtroopers being the worst marksmen in the galaxy, a bit fourth wall but the fanboys will lap it up.
There is mention of poor marksmen in a Star Wars graphic novel (comic book) called “Darth Vader and The Cry Of Shadows”

A Clone Trooper who is shot, wounded and left for dead by his own side, becomes very bitter towards the Jedi, and many years after wandering, keeping to himself doing labour work, hears of rumours of a vicious new warrior leading the Empire forces, rejoins in order to serve under Vader. And he’s quite disgusted at how ineffective the new stormtroopers are:

”This would never have happened with the all-clone armies I served with before.”
”We understood order and discipline.”
”I envisioned a day when the clones would be scattered too thin. Lifelong training replaced by those merely seeking a job.”
”I envisioned an army of troopers who couldn’t hit anything they shot at.... disgusting”


Watched it last night brilliant series. Schoolboy error by Mando just flying off and checking that fella was dead though
Agreed. It' not like there was a big explosion when it crashed.
Slightly concerned that the Imperial bloke had a light sabre mind!

Great series though