The Mandalorian.

Dave Herbal

[Currently] not a patch on Firefly, mind.
Never seen it. Although I very much doubt that anything in Firefly is a good as an IG unit shooting people to a SE nerd.

BTW, you can hear each episode deconstructed by the SW minute podcast chaps over at The Mindalorian podcast.


Promising start but episode four was shite unfortunately. Far too formulaic and just.... boring really.


Enjoyed tonight’s episode, good stuff & nice brit cameo... still needs to expand the narrative on the bigger picture...
i said that too, that this felt like a 80s sunday night action series (the previous one where they rebuilt his ship after the jawas was a nod to macgyver i thought)... not that it was the worst thing in the world as it was an enjoyable watch i thought.
Plenty of 80s references to hook the nerds. Apollo Creed as the Bounty Hunter shop owner, in the space battle Mando pulls a "Maverick" so the baddy flies right past him, plus a ridiculous amount of Star Wars references every episode.

In the last one there's a reference to Stormtroopers being the worst marksmen in the galaxy, a bit fourth wall but the fanboys will lap it up.

That said I was all FFS when I first clapped eyes on Baby Yoda and he ended up being the best thing about the series.