The Mackem Tommy What are you doing this Weekend? Thread


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I'll be working my 8th and 9th consecutive days. One day off on Monday though! Whoop!

Slow joe

Fri - work then sons ice hockey tonight.
Sat - no plans, probably park for hockey.
Sun - make some nice dinner, Whitley warriors at night.

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Friday: Already 3:30pm here. Been out on the TT bike and did 45km. Cleaning the house now in traffic preparation for Mrs EJK getting home.
Saturday: Wanneroo parkrun at 8 then nothing until 2:15 when we’re going to friends for a bbq. Apparently it’s going to be 40 degrees tomorrow.
Sunday: Breakfast with different friends, then do a bit of gardening. No Remembrance Day ceremony to go to - being held on Monday when I’m at bastard work.

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Unfortunately I'll be visiting my mam in hospital, as she's just being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Friday: Finish graft at 12:30pm. Home chilling most afternoon then out in Milan tonight.
Saturday: No plans for during the day but out in Milan again on the evening.
Sunday: Lazy day. Footy on the box, few joints and cans.
Tonight - heed shave, see my ganny, get my gear sorted out.
Tomorrow - Parkrun in the morning, then Cup match, then get pissed up at a FIFA tournament, out after somewhere TBC.
Sunday - slowly die from a manky hangover, watch the Man City Liverpool game, go for a walk to clear my head, then home to an empty house as my other half is on nights :cool:

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Going to Whitley Bay for the Coast2Coast, a gathering of musicians from the north east and the west coast of Scotland. They come over in the Autumn and we go over there in the spring.


Quiet weekend as first one since a week at home. Wed to Saturday nights a couple of craft ale cans and duty free whiskies in my room listening to BBC sounds and the like. Thursday to Saturday through the day out for a bit of a walk now it has cooled a bit. Then down to rec centre for a swim and read of the papers by the pool


Fri - listen to some music, sell some records then get massive, in the gym. bought a couple of albums this morning, so listen to those tonight and sort music, for Saturday night.

Sat - gym, work. dee the d-e-x for "cold war disco" at the star and shadow. pre 1990 acid haus, Belgian rave bangers, Detroit techno, Northern Bleeps, Nu Beat.

Sun - gym. knack a carvery.
Today - Been food shopping, Spanish Class, this afternoon, watching FA Cup MOTD, tonight.

Satda - Visit to Northern Dales, monthly, outdoor food & produce, market, then a quick coffee and bite to eat at H/pool marina
Hopefully, be on the Grand Central, out of Dodge city (H/pool) to Sunderland, in time for the FA Cup match against Gillingham.
Meet mates, drink beer, and talk pre and post match, footy bollix.

Sunday - Early morning visit to Costa, for a Flat White and a bacon sarnie.
Read the morning papers.
Making macaroni cheese, for Sunday dinner.

Goat Eyes

Today - Glasgow and back with a 4 hour meeting in between, all in a day. See my wife and daughters for the first time this week and then a few beers in the house.
Sat - FIL car for MOT, get my hair cut, few bees and mussels for tea
Sun - Daughter 1 to party, both daughters swimming lessons then head off to Aberdeen for a fucking meeting.