The loss of traditional shops


The plain old department store. Like Binns and Fenwick. It was an occasion. You could get everything in one place and have a cuppa and a cake.

Something needs to be done with all the old department stores that have gone to the wall. I'd like to think that many could be converted into apartments or entertainment venues, but for that you need the demand.
Beales is another one that has now left massive holes in the high street
Yeah. I worked in Volume for a while. Loved going downstairs and finding a bit of Vinyl new in, UNKLE, DJ Shadow,etc and blasting them out while making it look like I was busy putting records in aphabetical order. Loved Spinning Disc and Hot Rats is still there.
You will have sold me loads of tunes then. :lol:
I used to get you lot to play records for me and order me dance and soul records. :)

AB22 Easy Tiger

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Small shops will make a comeback- but they have to be niche I think, and need support with rent etc from large landlords

I’d love to see more record stores, though there are 5 within driving distance from me