The Last Kingdom

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fletch, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Weremuthe

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    It's not, the Tories who were responsible for free licences and didn't want to lose the 'grey vote' said the BBC had to pick up the tab...

    BBC3 went west as well!
  2. Joe Public

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    Just started watching it recently, really enjoying it.
  3. Walter White

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    Is this on Netflix? Sounds decent
  4. Joe Public

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  5. Dogbark

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    The taxpayers.
  6. Fletch

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    enjoyed the first 2 when on the bbc , bit shite its jumped ship to netflix
  7. Weremuthe

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    The Tories had to make the decision to continue financing the free licences for over 75's introduced by Labour or remove it - but Cameron & Osborne bottled it as they would be hitting their core vote. So the cost was spread between all the other licence payers - many who were/are in poverty.

    The taxpayer? Everybody who lives here (excludes the Bransons of this world) pays tax - the TV licence is a tax, VAT is an tax both of which disproportionately affect the poor.
  8. Dogbark

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    It's paid for through general taxation.
  9. Just finished Season 3, brilliant mind. Can't see anyway of following that mind so surely it's finished now?
  10. Invictus

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    I haven’t seen series 3 yet but the books are still being written so it’s nowhere near finished yet. Latest one came out a couple of weeks ago so there is at least one more after that to come or maybe more as I haven’t read the latest book yet either!
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    Watching it now and Uhtred says to Aethelwold, ‘Your home is an Alehouse in Winchester.’ My wife (no) turns to me and says ‘Is he talking to you?’
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  12. Fletch

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    onto episode 6 (season 3)... very good , shame its no longer on BBC as deserves a wider audience
  13. Son of Stan

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    I really enjoyed the whole series. David Dawson as Alfred was excellent. I read that Netflix were congratulating themselves on being responsible for making the series a 'global hit', after they took it over from BBC.
  14. Wonderwall

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    Vikings still on the History Channel?
  15. Fletch

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    the sorceress is a WAD

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  16. willowbankbear

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    Loved it , I didn’t think much of season 2 but season 3 was brilliant

    Well worth a watchin
  17. Dogbark

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    Danger wad.
  18. willowbankbear

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    But still Wad
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  19. Fletch

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    you would have to bat for the other side to think otherwise
  20. Lexingtongue

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    Her name is Loch Naess. No lie.
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