Sure I read an article on them where the interviewer was fairly convinced not based on their answers/behaviour.
Did they not sell the ashes for half a million or something stupid? If they did then they pulled off an amazing con


Aye. They hate the idea of the music being enjoyed retrospectively and at the touch of a bottom on a phone. They wanted the music to be of it's time, an experience.

Bill Drummond made a documentary last year. I haven't been able to find it anywhere online , he probably doesn't want anyone watching that either :)

Looks interesting that, I'll have to keep an eye out n'all.


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They were definitely ahead of their time. There's an interview with the bloke who formed them. It's pretty good and he didn't expect them to do so well and he regrets burning the million quid and is constantly reminded by his family and friends :lol:


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Currently found in Toxteth building the Peoples Pyramid which is made of MuMufied remains of people who've had their ashes made into a brick:

Why - Mumufication

They're still fairly mental