The Irishman


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Was left somewhat disappointed after all the hype.

I will say this though I was blown away by Pacino, thought he was absolutely fantastic. Can’t believe that’s the first film I’ve ever watched with him in.


Halfway through , finish it tomorrow night .
Bit slow at times but deNiro, Pacino and Pesci all excellent in it

Son of Stan

Also add Scarface, Serpico, Donnie Brasco and The Insider (even though he isn't the lead in the latter two).
Personally I struggle with Scarface. And if he's a young lad Serpico might be a bit too 70s for him - that was my thinking, anyway. What I would say is don't watch Scent of A Woman, his consolation Oscar performance.


I enjoyed it and thought it was a decent enough watch, the people involved had some people thinking it would be an instant classic.

The fight scene was a bit bizarre mind, I did wonder wtf people on this thread were talking about thewhen I seen it I was like :lol:

That and the cgi are a bit iffy but other than that it’s ok. Pesci is immense.

It would also be beneficial if you understand who was who back then, my Mrs had no idea who the mob people were like Buffalino and Fat Tony etc. If you’re into the mob then it’s a decent watch and explains a lot from that period.