The Irishman


been watching a bit each night.....about 2.5 hours's very good, not goodfellahs or Casino good.....but very good and some great acting. Pesci is class.....
Watching it now. I like the little nod to the godfather when they are in the restaurant and there's the godfather music in the background being played badly by a violinist.
Watched the whole thing last night, really enjoyed it, didn't drag at all.

It's nice for a filmmaker of the calibre of Scorsese, to have full creative and financial freedom to make the film he wanted, without studio constraints.
I thought it was superb. A solid 9/10 for me.

Only slight criticisms were that fight out side the shop which and De Niro’s anti ageing graphics when he was supposed to be in his 30s.

Cast was superb
Yeah forgot about that, needed a stunt double.


Heared Stephen Graham on D I Discs on R4 last week, I didn't know that he's mixed race or that he had tried to hang himself.