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Discussion in 'SMB' started by chunkylover53, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. AndrewP

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    B&M iirc. Still got a load at the back of the cupboard I think. Next to the Franks hot sauce they were selling off too. Both pretty shit imo.
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  2. HebburnMackem

    HebburnMackem Striker

    Is it hot hot?
  3. castoff

    castoff Winger

    I'm in the same boat mate. Sick of buying them to get them home and they taste more like sweet chilli sauce. Fk hell, I'd even settle for some traditional kebab shop chilli sauce but I think they just make it up themselves and you can't buy it anywhere.
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  4. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Winger

    Try these - very nice:

    Susie's Home - Company Name

    Used to be regulary in my fridge 10 years ago or so
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  5. Pricey

    Pricey Central Defender

    Sriracha: The only hot sauce you'll ever need, so damn fruity.

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  6. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Winger

    Great, but I've used it for 25 years - need variety
  7. mini-x2

    mini-x2 Striker

    Encona Hot Pepper Sauce is the king.
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  8. bonsai

    bonsai Midfield Lost Magpie

    I'll have to try that.
  9. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Winger

    I like it a lot - still crazy after all these years...
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  10. mini-x2

    mini-x2 Striker

    It’s just right, not ridiculously hot and it’s savoury rather than that Sriracha shite which is sweet, which is wrong like.
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  11. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Winger

    Horses for courses - but as a general condiment I agree
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  12. Exactly mate. I'm going to hoy up my recipe when I get two minutes. It's basically chucking shit loads of stuff together like Georges marvellous medicine.
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  13. hungry mouse

    hungry mouse Full Back

    Da bomb is canny so is Blair’s mega death.
  14. castoff

    castoff Winger

    Champion, I'll have a go at it.
  15. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Winger

    The kebab shop ones are easy to make - but I find them a bit too bland for anything than kebab topping. I can put a small jar on a kebab if the chili is not too oily. Plenty of recipes around on the tinternet
  16. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck Striker

    This is my current favourite by far:

    "Old Nick" Scotch Bonnet Sauce

    It's still pretty much hand made though as far as I'm aware and they can't keep up with demand so be prepared for a long wait if you order it.
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  17. A bit of gold old fashioned Tabasco sauce
  18. I love a bit of Blue Dragon, the hot sweet chilli sauce is lovely but it wasn't so good coming back out again, it made my arse really sick it did :lol:.
  19. There's two types I make. A thin one or a thick one with a tomato and coriander base (a bit like a chilli and herb relish/salsa).

    This is for thick one. For thin one just don't do the tomato and onion base.
    In the blender chuck in (change quantities to suit taste)
    Some tomatoes
    Some onions
    Loads of coriander
    A few birdeyes chillis
    A pinch of salt
    A pinch of heinz ketchup
    Pinch of red chilli powder
    A pinch of smoked pakrika
    A few teaspoons of schirca or any chinease chilli paste
    A couple of teaspoons of naga chilli pickle.

    This is the naga pickle you can pick up from anywhere.[​IMG]
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  20. castoff

    castoff Winger

    Nice one mate, cheers. Actually, the ingredients are pretty close to a few I've tried to conjure up myself with varying success. Mine became much spicier and tastier when I switched to bird eye chilli's.
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