The Homeless

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  1. Of course, but that was the average.
  2. The system is wrong for the hard working people on low income totally agree they should be looked after better

    But the fit the able who avoid work at all costs and blame the government for their woes not sure I have any sympathy at all for them
  3. I’m not disagreeing at all, but the skew is wrong
  4. In some cases but it’s really diffcult to get right.

    Too many people take advantage meaning unfortunately genuine people sometimes get shafted.

    Maybe if people were honest and only claimed genuine benefits they were entitled too the government would not need to get tough.
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    I would agree with this 100% - the vast majority of those on the streets have mental health issues or have addictions.

    I think there is a big difference in the reasons for being homeless and having accommodation and being homeless and on the streets.

    It would be an interesting social exercise, but the consequences could be too dramatic just to prove a point.

    Given that I have children, I do not wish them to be part of some crazy nonsensical socialist/ Marxist experiment.
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