The Homeless

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sam Handwich, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich Winger

    Anyone else disturbed by the amount around the stadium nowadays. Saw a female one yesterday
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  2. Axionknight

    Axionknight Full Back

    Can any of them play centre back?
  3. Kermit

    Kermit Full Back

    They were coventry fans man
  4. JL1985

    JL1985 Winger

    Coventry are homeless
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  5. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    A few thousand of them in the away end.
  6. Its Him Again

    Its Him Again Striker

  7. I've noticed there has been more this season :(
  8. It’s a fucking disgrace in Britain in 2019.

    And we have Mogg and Johnson and their ilk getting richer by making people poorer
  9. Adamfsafc

    Adamfsafc Goalkeeper

    Do you mean outside the stadium begging?

    Never seen any myself.
  10. naughtynose

    naughtynose Striker

    Yup. How did the world come to this?
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  11. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    This. It's not exclusive to Sunderland though, but a national problem. Obviously because of the crowd they will be sitting there hoping for change. If you walk those routes any other time you won't see them.
  12. Adamfsafc

    Adamfsafc Goalkeeper

    There is no guarantee they are homeless either. There is such a thing as professional beggars.
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  13. Not directly outside but through Sheepfolds, under St Peters Metro and on the bridge.
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  14. robbied1

    robbied1 Striker

    A lot of them aren't homeless
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  15. Adamfsafc

    Adamfsafc Goalkeeper


    Pick the right spot begging and many will earn more in a day begging than I do in my office job. Having said that it’s more likely London this happens.
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  16. Rip Van Fish

    Rip Van Fish Striker

    Loads of “Five Amps” everywhere these days.
    London has always had them followed closely by folk asking for change in Manchester.
    Now it has spread to smaller towns.
    There’s nearly always a “Paraffin Lamp” outside Chesterfield train station these days
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  17. tunstallhill

    tunstallhill Striker

    Anyone voting Tory is slightly responsible.
  18. Onlyfoolsrushin

    Onlyfoolsrushin Striker

    It's what happens when you have a shit Labour Party, that Twat Thatcher exploited a shit Labour Party too.
  19. Lipso

    Lipso Midfield

    Recognised a couple of them from South Shields. Metro through for the day to be amongst 36K and their spare change. Not a bad effort for the day.
  20. Absolutely
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