The Great North Run


You didn’t mention any year. You said they are finished.

Nobody would say they’re finished for 2021. They’d say they’re cancelled for the year.
Well I did. You can carry on getting in a huff about it or accept that is the reality of the situation. You might not like the way it was worded but that’s nothing to do with me.


Who's to say what the future holds Frijj.

As one of the few Charity Fundraisers on the board, I can safely say that in future there will still be these runs because people like the event.
The GNR is a great event. Mass participation is what it's all about.
What we're likely to see more of is what we're seeing named "hybrid events" which will be participated by some at the time, and participated virtually either at the same time or in a set time frame, by others.
We've already had to alter some of ours to fit in with guidelines and with what people want and are now starting to expect.

To say "Runs like that are finished" is absolute bullshit. A multimillion pound industry like that would not just roll over and die.
It will adapt like everything else.
There is an interesting interview on BBC Newcastle between Alfie Joey and Brendan Foster done on 10 February and Foster frustrated at the lack of clear guidance from central government.

Local Lad

I'm sure its been said but it can only go ahead when social distancing is no longer a thing. I think the actual run isn't too much of a problem they could have 2-3 starts and spread the people out. Its getting to the start and from the finish. Being crammed on metros and busses feels a long way off yet.

I really hope it does go ahead been over a year since my last mass event and really missing it