The grange


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I live 30 seconds away & rarely go in. That should say something.

It’s not mate. The Blue Bell is way better for food, but if you want better than both combined, get yourself to the Mill 3/4mins in the opposite direction. Restaurant standard food in the bar

For food it definitely is my friend. For atmosphere no!

Cheesy Feet

I used to frequent the Grange 20+ years ago..the bar was class..I knew all the lads who got in..there was some dispute with the landlord about taking young’uns in before the pissed the lads off and they moved down to the Mill View..within months it was like the Star Wars bar..shite.
Anybody I know who’s been hasn’t had a bad word to say about it. Food spot on, service is good, got the right mix of a local feel without being cliquey. I never thought it would have worked, but the pub & restaurant are very good. The takeaway on sea road, Nana Francas is worth a visit too.
They get the basics spot on - very good food, friendly staff, a decent choice of drinks and sensible prices - one of my favourite Sunderland eateries.


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I’ll reply before daft arse can delete his shit reply.

Walking half a mile in five minutes equals 6mph , what’s hard to understand ?

Mate I’m happy for you to time me and I will walk from the grange to the bell in five minutes??