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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Kingdom Bhoy, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Cheesy Feet

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    If that's still SC then at least he'll keep all the shitheads in check.
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  2. He did a good job in The Terminus. Until it shut, of course.
  3. Terminus was ok, done out quite well, never gonna survive tho
  4. Probably would have been alright if last season had been like this one. I've noticed more people seem to be staying out for a few beers this year.
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  5. Old footage of the fort after a home win

  6. hank williams

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    Love double maxim me
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  7. T_Bone

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    I know The Fort has a certain reputation but it was my pub of choice for several seasons and we met some lovely folk in there and I’m being serious !
  8. Nails me like
  9. Was our pre match pub for about 3/4 years before it shut. Was told this week that the lad who had it (skip?) did a runner from it? Always seemed like a canny fella when I had a bit craic with him.
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  10. Cheesy Feet

    Cheesy Feet Striker

    Didn't Skip start working in the Jacksons when the Fort first started having bother with the streaming of games carry on..he seemed like a canny lad.
  11. I didn’t mind the fort either.
  12. Hodgie1979

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    And a nuclear reactor...fucking stinking.
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  13. Boris Bear

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    The Fort has always been redeeming features whatsoever
  14. Was a shit pub when I lived on the Dark Side for 5 years, not a patch on the Howard Arms even when it was a Tetley pub back then or The Red Lion, in fact even Dixons was better than it!
  15. double maxim

    double maxim Midfield

    Yes they have what?
  16. Kingdom Bhoy

    Kingdom Bhoy Striker

    They were selling bottles of Double Maxim under the old ownership I'd imagine if the guy who has Joseph's has got it they will sell DM again as they sell it in Joseph's.
  17. I’m not sure about Jacksons. At one point he deffo had both The Fort and Blue House. Yeah had some good craic with him over the years and seen him at a few away games. Never seen him at all since The Fort shut.
  18. Kingdom Bhoy

    Kingdom Bhoy Striker

    He doesn't have the Butchers Arms or the Terminus anymore.
  19. As I heard it, he came into some money and dropped his shoulder and buggered off to Benidorm for a bit. Didn't even tell his lass.:lol:
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