The Forrest Gump What are you doing this Bank Holiday Weekend? Thread


Tomorra - Nowt and then the match
Sarrada - FA and then meal out
Sunda - Sweet FA with family meal
Monda - more of the same

Having a weekend off.

Son of Stan

Getting myself a rhubarb gin and ginger ale when I finish 20 mins!
Fri - doing a spot of gardening
Sat - making a sour cream and blueberry cake for family tea tomorrow.
Sun - catching up with the family. Gin.
Mon - hopefully relaxing and finishing the Ian Rankin book I started months ago. Might have to start at the beginning again. More gin. :)


Friday - packing the rest of our things before the van arrives next week, watching the match on TV
Saturday - trip to the seaside at New Quay
Sunday - church then drive to Mansfield
Monday - match at Peterborough, on the train, with my son

No animals will be hurt in the making of this weekend :cool:


Tomorrow - heed shave, tidy flat, match.
Saturday - Parkrun, nap, another run in the evening.
Sunday - 20 mile walk, route TBC
Monday - climbing wall in the evening, no plans day time as of yet.
Today - Attempted to hide a very bad hangover unsuccessfully, during what turned into a half day at work. Watching Killing Eve now, might go get a pizza and read my book/ watch a movie

Friday - Off Leyton Orient vs Harrogate Town with a pal before we’re hot footing it over to Angel to watch the lads hopefully win on sky sports in a pub with the London branch

Saturday - Off to West Ham vs Leicester, evening in

Sunday - Read my book/ mooch about the house. Probably do a decent meal in the evening

Monday - Lads are coming down for Peterborough, which is now about 30 mins from where I’m staying on away-work :cool:


So hot in London there is talk of going to the Lido tomorrow.

It will be heaving though so will head to a mate's for brunch then hair getting done then a date.

Saturday and Sunday I HAVE to do my house work.

Monday Peterborough if I can sort my ticket out. It hasn't arrived yet.


Central Defender
few beers with mates
gonna run to the in laws, about 8 miles, fire up the pizza oven and have a few beers
no plans, try get out with the kids somewhere, hamsterley or summit.
going to my mams for a family lunch.
Don't go to hamsterley good Friday, there is a tractor rally in memory of a young lad who died last year and they're expecting 100+ of them turning up they're doing a route through the forest aswell so it'll be carnage


Friday : In Jervis Bay. We're taking the kayak out and going fishing at some point. Spot of golf this afternoon weather permitting.
Saturday : Beach hopefully. If not the zoo.
Sunday : Easter egg hunt then ramming copious amounts of chocolate down my gob.
Monday : Beach then drive home.