The Forrest Gump What are you doing this Bank Holiday Weekend? Thread

The Raven

I'm off to Knaresborough for the weekend so it should be;

Friday: travel down, pub.
Saturday: pub
Sunday: do something for the day then head home (probably not the pub as I'll be driving)

Off all next week.


Friday - Drop Mrs MM at the airport. Decide whether to get a load of beer and food in for the match, or go out. Not sure if the pubs will have it on. Dont want to risk a 20 min walk to find they have hurling on.
Saturday - Wait for mate to arrive. Make him bacon butties. Head into town to meet other mates to celebrate one of them getting engaged to his fella.
Sunday - Nothing yet. Some footy on I might watch. Will go out if anything is going on.
Monday - Interview prep. Pick Mrs MM up from the airport.

Which gig in town?

You not watching the match Friday?

Just something at the academy, Monster Truck.

Picking my mate up about the same time as your game kicks off, so very likely to watch it in the pub near the station.
Hoping we win on Friday.

Celebrating the execution and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, by gardening, going to B&Q and by the giving and the receiving of chocolate eggs.
Thursday: Work. Evening - out or in.
Friday: Morning, see family. Rest of day - in.
Saturday: Cook - in.
Sunday: See family, eat cooking from Saturday - in
Monday: Out or In.


Why have you got two Paskedags?
Påskedag is Sunday.
2. Påskedag is Monday.

The same as 24 December is Jul.
25 Juledag and 26 December 2. Juledag.

Today is Påske as well with it being Skærtorsdag. Apart from on Saturday most shops here are closed from last night till Tuesday morning.
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Fri: Running, fish and chips, watching the match

Sat: Running, South Shields beach

Sun: Running, Easter eggs, drinking

Mon: Hangover, running

I need to paint the front door in there somewhere as well :(
Working Friday 7-1630
Off sat taking my lad out somewhere
Off Sunday may go in if they're desperate and offer me a decent shift
Monday work 0520-1350