The Forrest Gump What are you doing this Bank Holiday Weekend? Thread


Today: Getting stuck in at the allotment.
Tomorrow: Relaxing at the allotment with Friday Movie Club and few cold cans.
Saturday: Few more cans at the allotment, bit chess play, might cut the grass as well.
Sunday: No idea.
Monday: No idea either.

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Friday: Mostly deep cleaning the flat so it doesn't smell like a single bloke lives in it. Picking mate up from train station (hence cleaning)
Saturday: Beers in Manchester then a gig
Sunday: Recovery


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Thurs night - Graft, running club and then a few two by two IPA's with the missus at the left luggage in Monkseaton on way home.

Friday - garden centre to get some turf, lay the turf and eat lots of steak to annoy my dad as he reckons even cannibals in the jungle don't eat meat on good friday.

Sat - parkrun at Riverside Chester le st, drop easter eggs off for nephews and nieces and visit parents. 2year old birthday party in afternoon so will need a few beers.

Sun - North tyneside 10k, Easter hunt in the garden for kids even though they're 14 and 16 they still love it, although there will be one or two blue wkds for the 16 Yr old

Mon - relax with family
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Friday. Sort garden out. Watch safc and takeaway
Saturday. Hopefylly finish sorting garden out.
Sunday. Bbq and drinks in the garden
Monday. Go to Peterborough away to watch the lads
Friday - Drop Mrs MM at the airport. Decide whether to get a load of beer and food in for the match, or go out. Not sure if the pubs will have it on. Dont want to risk a 20 min walk to find they have hurling on.
Saturday - Wait for mate to arrive. Make him bacon butties. Head into town to meet other mates to celebrate one of them getting engaged to his fella.
Sunday - Nothing yet. Some footy on I might watch. Will go out if anything is going on.
Monday - Interview prep. Pick Mrs MM up from the airport.

Friday: Mostly deep cleaning the flat so it doesn't smell like a single bloke lives in it. Picking mate up from train station (hence cleaning)
Saturday: Beers in Manchester then a gig
Sunday: Recovery
Which gig in town?

You not watching the match Friday?


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few beers with mates
gonna run to the in laws, about 8 miles, fire up the pizza oven and have a few beers
no plans, try get out with the kids somewhere, hamsterley or summit.
going to my mams for a family lunch.
Fri early doors flight into Leeds, Fish n chips, match.
Sat See kids n grandkids late fight back from Ponteland.
Sun Sleep, in the southern sun hopefully.


Fri: Car shopping - getting pissed in afternoon/match
Sat: Taking lass out for some food and drinks
Sun: Car shopping ft not already found one
Mon: Recover and relax from weekend and get stuff ready for Edinburgh as working away next week


Friday...first fishing of the trout season for me
Saturday..wifes birthday, meal out
Sunday, more fishing
Monday..undecided yeat
Fri: Visit old man, match, home around 11
Sat: Off to look at a house around 1, guitar practice, bugger all
Sun: no idea, might have the youngest over, more practice
Mon: no idea, might go visit an island


Good Friday: Durham v Leicestershire, listening to Ross blowing automatic promotion on radio
Saturday: Sister's 50th in Durham
Sunday: Easter egg hunt with the kids
Monday: Dunno


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Today. Finish at 3.00, then up to the caravan near Kirkcudbright till Wednesday.
Hopefully out on the S.I.B. and do a bit of fishing. Plenty walks along the beach with the dogs. Bit of photography, bit of astronomy, trying to learn guitar.....
And drinks, plenty of!!


Fri - lie in then might cut the grass. Round to me mams at tea time for Fish and Chips and some tinnies
Sat - Hair cut then take the laddo to Farm club and try and squeeze an hour in the gym. Out in Seaham in the afternoon and early evening then back home for a takeaway
Sun - Going to Wallington with all the in laws for a picnic and a wander.
Few drinks at home in the evening
Mon - Nothing much planned so far...will go out somewhere no doubt....then again might tidy the garden up and get the garden chairs and barbecue out