The finest band to ever come out of the USA


It was! Golden Age of Leather I meant... I dint even like Judas Priest. :oops: :p

I think Joe's Garage is one I've tried in the past, would have to give it another whirl. I've got Sheik Yerbouti somewhere, and it's alright, but a tad hard work n a bit sackless veering back to the comedic type stuff I mentioned earlier.
Apostrophe is class as well, and I think a bit easier to listen to than Joe's Garage.


I love Daryl Hall and John Oates. They are are a duo but their band are the best musicians America has.
I chose this one but there are hundreds I could have chose. This is live from Daryl house where he and his band invite other musicians and they do songs from the visitors and invite them to do halls songs.
It’s awesome. Have a listen.
And here is Daryl returning the favour. His band are doing a Todd Rungdren song at Todd’s place in Hawaia
So it’s not the best band to come out of America, but the best musicians are right there in front of you.
We have a winner ......
So, I think I have a strong argument that this is the best band to come out of the USA.
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