The FIFA Women's World Cup 2019: Haway the Lasses

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by janiep, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. janiep

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    Half time during the England v New Zealand friendly seems a good time to start what I hope will become the World Cup thread.

    The World Cup starts Friday 7 June. Full details of all matches are here: FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™ - Matches -

    England and Scotland both find themselves in Group D alongside Argentina and Japan. England are in the mix, as are Japan, but Scotland have prepared well for this tournament and while on paper you wouldn't expect them to get out of that group, they could spring some surprises. England v Scotland kicks off the group on Sunday 9 June. As in 2011, England finish the group stage against Japan, and depending on how the other matches go that could be either a dead rubber or all to play for.

    Most people agree this is quite an open World Cup this year, with 6 or so who could win it: USA, Japan, Germany, France, England, Netherlands. The USA are very physically strong, and it's hard to see who might overcome that. As for England, this is a good England team, but by no means the best in the world. However, it's tournament football, the unexpected can happen. Personally, I always enjoy watching France, who have been unlucky in previous tournaments and have huge home advantage.

    Details of the England squad can be found here. The strong County Durham/Mackem connection in the England squad continues with Demi Stokes, Steph Houghton, Jill Scott, Carly Telford, Beth Mead, Lucy Staniforth, and Lucy Bronze, all of whom are from the area and/or at some point have played in our red and white stripes. Many of them have friends and family on here.

    Good luck lasses, enjoy the football everyone.
  2. Discopants91

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    I'm friends with a lad who's mam lives three doors down from Steph Houghton's sister so well up for this.
  3. Ferns score to go up 1-0

    Beth Mead on the bench.
    Get her on for a brace!
  4. they've been shite today, 10 changes from the last game but still v poor
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  5. Horley Chorley

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    I watched England women playing Japan in their last match of the SheBelieves Tournament recently.
    England won 3-0 iirc, but Japan played some fantastic football.
    Their passing and movement was light years ahead of the English team, but they just couldn't convert the excellent chances they created.
    England though not as skillful as Japan, are dogged and work very hard for each other.
    They also are potent in attack and should do well in the World Cup.
    If the Japanese have their shooting boots on, they could well win the World Cup this year.
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  6. Several good players for Scotland but they lack depth.
  7. Blyth_Pirate

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    I predict lot's of wads on this thread.
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  8. I predict we will see Little in England’s first match of the World Cup.
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  9. Mantobar

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    Not bothered at all
  10. Parsoncross

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    My ticket for the game in Nice arrived earlier this week £22 .
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  11. Nice.
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  12. Uncle D

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    I watched the french game last night it was shite, two poor teams.
  13. janiep

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    Anyone watching the Lionesses on BBc1? Jill is talking about Sunderland, lots of shots of the city.
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  14. Step Houghton's dad use to get on here a while back.
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  15. janiep

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    Which Nice game, Scotland or Japan?
  16. Bishop Mackem

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    Always worth watching for comedy value at how utterly horrendous they are
  17. He’s a Scotland supporter so I’m guessing it’s the England game ;)
  18. Alli-Pally

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    Your sister used to run rings around you, didn’t she.

    Let it go, now. Move on.

    You won’t have a good time if you’re bitter.
  19. Haway the hinnys. Get the buggers telt.
    Come on England.
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  20. I watched that programme on them last night. Seemed canny. Nice shots of the beaches up Sunderland and a decent smattering of local NE accents throughout the squad.

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