The Fast Show

Did anyone go to the live performances? It was supposed to be pretty mindblowing with them popping up as the various characters throughout the theatre, taking it right into the audience.

Just found this on YouTube. Looks good, save it for when the weather turns.

Also the Farewell Tour

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The latter darker sketches where you start out laughing and it becomes more serious.

There was some pretty good acting in that show.


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Cheers pal, that can be my new pastime over this lockdown...watching old 'Fast Shows' to spot the Cornmill :)
Worse ways to pass the time.

Im told some of the Pub scenes was The Lord Nelson in Gainford (not that I would know it) and some stuff was filmed in the Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle as well

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Sorry - tell us about your monster, Dick.

Bats - can they see in the dark, or are they just taking the piss out of me?