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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sandboy, Jun 2, 2017.

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    Story on our village page:

    A bloke posted to say a road is closed due to emergency gas main works but it should be open again by the weekend.
    People post several screen shots of other sites including the council site saying it'll be closed until the 22nd.
    The bloke says ignore them as it will be open again by the weekend.
    Poor bloke gets more stick claiming the council are always right.
    Bloke posts to inform people he's the foreman so he knows more than the council and it will be open by the weekend :lol:
  2. #hatingsentences
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    #spew #vom #hurl
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  5. The King of Um

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    Beard, nose, ear, hedge, mmmm, piping hot.
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  6. I was nominated to post a picture of my dog [​IMG] only one photo! I've tagged people who are great dog people to join the challenge to keep this running. Let's flood Facebook with positive dog pictures, instead of negative ideas. If I have tagged you please copy the text into your status, post one photo of your dog(s)and tag some friends with dogs

    Hardly a fucking challenge is it? It's not like these buggers aren't already flooding Facebook with pictures of their manky hounds.
    Needless to say she ignored the bit that said 'just one photo' and posted three.
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    There's a black and white photo challenge doing the rounds as well and I've had a chain letter Christmas tree by PM to forward which I haven't.

    That sodding elf will be starting soon with all the "ooooohhhh look at how zany we are with our elf" pictures. Bah humbug!
  8. I've seen the black and white photo thing and it tends to be the more sensible creative types who are doing it which is a surprise. I guess the usual FB types wouldn't understand black and white or photos without a Snapchat filter.
  9. Keawyeds

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    I'm doing that this week. Inspires you to take a few more interesting photos hopefully.
    Bit more entertaining than most of the shite on there
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    My friend first did the elf thing years ago before it took off here. Had me bad laughing at some of them the naughty little shit gave the kids bad ideas :lol: but she ran out of ideas, got loads more for the year after. Then last year a good elf came and the kids we're really disappointed so she's been asking for naughty elf ideas as he's coming back this year :lol::lol:
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  11. becs

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    Agree there's a few decent pics like yours but most I've seen are just the usual stuff but in black and white.
  12. Keawyeds

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    I'll have to find something interesting today
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  13. This. If I see one more photo of William & Ethan's school stuff I'll scream!!
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    Are you me ??

    Add in any of the "post your knicker colour for cancer awareness" and that's a full house.

    (Dunno why I'm on Facebook really... )
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  15. So that people like me can see pics of your dogs and birds, man woman man. :)
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  16. errant

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    is that one of those ones where its a bit random, with no explanation really so only the really nosey twats will investigate that its really cancer awareness?
  17. Sir Lancelot

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    It doesn’t have to include people or animals so it is a bit of a challenge to those whose photos consist of them and their offspring pouting into the camera.
  18. Keawyeds

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    I'm quite pleased with the one I've taken today. I'll hoy it up in a bit
  19. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    And the patio
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  20. Bad_mother

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    It's a verandah man woman man :lol:
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