The Facebook Nonsense Thread

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sandboy, Jun 2, 2017.

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    That reminds me of a complaint some UK simpleton had made to a package holiday company regarding their holiday on the Costa Del Sol.

    "Nobody at the travel company warned us that our destination would be swarming with foreigners!!"
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    Some very interesting reading on the Funky Indian Facebook page :lol:
  4. ha'way then - save my blood pressure and brain cells and give a summary!
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    facebook is for bellends, the end.
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    Someone in the village group posted today:

    "Reindeer hot chocolate cones, santa cones and reindeer magic dust ready to order. Check my page out"

    It's only August man, woman, man :eek:
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  8. someone scammed them.. he outed them and then loads of idiots piled in calling them nonces, fiddlers, and general racism
  9. :lol:

    I used to work in a supermarket that had other shops rent space as a concession. One of them was a travel agent. I answered the phone one day and got an ear full from a woman saying she wouldn't shop in the store again as they had had a rotten holiday and also been promised a room upgrade that didn't materilise. I did offer her the correct phone number to complain to the travel agent explaining that Icouldn't put her straight through as we were seperate businessess but she still maintained it was the stores fault. Some people are thick!!!!
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    This is probably my favourite thread ever. I don't have a Facebook account & this thread gives all the information that I need to know to stop me from registering on the fucking thing.

    People are morons.
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    just a word of warning for yous the police informed me today that if your fob for your car is in working distance of your car there is a device that can bounce a signal off your fob and open your car and advises I put my fob in the microwave to be safe who would of new that eh
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    Literally a Facebook meltdown if he ever forgets they're in there and turns it on...
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    "Absalutly discussin what I seen today, some woman in tescos letting her daughter drink out of all the bottles of coke then putting them bck on shelf!!!"
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    Status from a mag mate just now:

    I'd sell the stupid baldy tw@t.... captain's armband you're having a laugh....muppett


    edit: and he just posted this on my status :lol::lol:

    Better to be loosing in the premier league than winning in a 2nd rate league
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    There'll be some beauties from them lot today. Wish I had Facebook again to watch them

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