The Facebook Nonsense Thread

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sandboy, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. No, no, you're all wrong, it was clearly written by Christopher Walken.

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    Left thornhill 2005?
  6. This one has potential.

    Probably deserves a thread on its own but the general consensus in the comments seems to be 'karma' although one old woman seems confused as to what karma means.:lol:
    Another hopes she isn't faking it despite the story saying she has lost nine toes.
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    Ah man, I nearly wet myself now :lol::lol::lol:
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  9. :lol:
    Saw that and assumed that it was somebody off here who had done it.
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    It is the same person it sounds :) Well I am not sure how much you know this person, but as you mention horrific things during pregnancies, this girl has had 1 if not 2 failed pregnancies. So I always feel just please keep it to yourselves and make it special without telling the world about it. Lovely lad and lass that are having the bairn, but I am just an old grump who hates seeing kids being used to make announcements of pregnancies etc. I seen a lass go live the other week on facebook bursting a balloon which inside revealed the sex of their unborn baby as if they were celebs and people care :lol:
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    That's the latest thing - gender reveal parties. The result of the scan is secretly mailed to a balloon person/cake decorator/whatever who makes a blue or pink themed item. Then you cut/open/pop it and reveal the sex of the baby at the party. It's a load of cringey bollocks IMO.
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    I know a couple who found out the sex of their baby but then didn't tell anyone at all, kept it a 'secret' until the bairn was born. As if anyone gives a fuck other than them:confused:
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    Its absolutely cringeworthy! Why can't people just post themselves having a nice holiday or post pictures of a creepy nature of a dark haired sports presenter? That is how to use facebook :cool:
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  14. I don't know them at all, must just be friends of friends and they've showed up on my timeline when people have commented on it.
    I feel a bit guilty criticising because I can understand their excitement and why they want to share it but it doesn't sit right. Years ago I had to delete someone who was giving almost hourly updates, lovely lass as well. Loads of her FB friends were from a group of people struggling with IVF. As happy as they must have been for her, it must also have been crippling being reminded every hour.
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    Can absolutely agree and understand that mate.
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    We did exactly that, up until our daughter was born a few weeks ago. You probably won't believe this, but we had hundreds of people hanging around the house, waiting for us to come out so they could ask us what we were having.

    Besides that, James, I don't like the tone of your post. You want some? Cos if you want some, I'll give it ya.
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    Attention seeking wankers mate.
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    you didn't have the option years ago when my 2 were born of knowing what sex they were, when all the mess started and the nurse asked what i was hoping for i just said 'a white one'
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    mailed by the parents or do the parents themselves not even know?

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