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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sandboy, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Old Prestonian

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    and a lean on the bar.
  2. you’d just get into protractored arguments with the regulars
  3. StiflerPG

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    Discrace. Should be put through tables and hit with kendo sticks.
  4. South Hylton

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    He's dead Susan x
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  5. D.A

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  6. I’ve seen that lad busking on the quayside a few times. Awful to see as he’s clearly got mental issues.
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  8. Amnorrageordie

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    Some really shocking news. The Royal British Legion are not selling poppies in certain areas on Nov 11 this year. This is because some minorities say that it will upset them. I say sod off ... The poppy is a symbol of reverence for our fallen heroes of all the wars the BRITISH military have fought in. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN BRITAIN! BRITISH CITIZENS STAND UP AND SAY 'WE WANT THE POPPY SOLD EVERY WHERE IN THE UK'. THIS IS OUR RIGHT TO REVERE OUR FALLEN.. PLEASE RE-POST
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  9. South Hylton

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    Seen him on the Quayside before and in Durham on one of the bridges doing all that, he's just a pisstaker I think, rather than someone with mental health issues, could be wrong though... Funny like. I can still hear him wailing Yesterday, like it was, er yesterday..:lol:
  10. duff_man

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  11. Longy

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    Yeah, someone I knows shared this. “In certain areas.” A bit vague.
  12. I saw this earlier. It was a shared post, and frankly I'm surprised at the friend who reposted it, very much not like her to check stuff first Anyway, I was able to comment on the original poster's feed, asking specifically which areas he was referring to. I still await a reply!
  13. Longy

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    Certain ones man lefty!
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  14. I'm glad you cleared that up! :lol:
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  15. Arthur80

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    Saw him singing an enthusiastic version of byker grove, i like his style and would rather give him a couple of quid than some boring tw@t singing shite ed sheeran songs.
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  16. This! I much prefer the reading the rantings of narcissistic thick bitches.:)
  17. I'm surprised at these bans when we used to be allowed to sell them in Dubai
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  18. errant

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    and we're off! its poppy fascist season!

    did the sellers not need two meathead bouncers, festooned in cod army fatigues & tats in dubai though? like you would get on Thanet High Street?
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  19. DufraisFTM

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    There’s a baby in the bonny babies competition called Royalty-Beau :eek:
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  20. My first thought was that the poor girl (or boy) would be relentlessly bullied, but on second thoughts perhaps not as they all have stupid bloody names these days:

    "Royalty-Beau, meet your new classmate, Breezeblock Carpetbomber"
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