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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sandboy, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Keawyeds

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    Scratters Gonna Scrat.

    These are the kind of people I would not deem eligible for help with fuel bills if they're going to fritter away coin on branded trainers
  2. Bob Fleming

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    That area mentioned is pure 'lebo' country. Very high proportion of that 2.2% would live around there. So, Maccas are jsut catering to their local population really. No need for outrage.
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  3. Good area to open a pointy shoes shop selling a sideline of hair oil ?
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  4. Bob Fleming

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    Someone kicking off on Sunderland Selling Page about halal at KFC. Original post funny enough but this is me favourite reply

  5. D.A

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    I've had great fun.
  6. Bob Fleming

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    Saw that :lol:
  7. girojim

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    jesus christ

    dowte :lol:
  8. Nothing to report from police.

  9. People can't be this bad at spelling, surely? Which leaves the question, "why do they abuse the English language in such a way?"

    Is it some sort of scratter code whereby the worse your spelling (or the most updates in CAPS you post?), then the lower your standing on the social ladder - thereby making you a better scratter?

    Is it a post-school rebellion where, after a small number of years in the education system and being forced by teacher to spell correctly, you suddenly have the urge to rebel and spell like a 3 year old?

    Laziness comes into it, obviously. "A no hun, txt me" is an example.

    Or, horror of horrors, do people genuinely think that words like "dowte" are really spelt like that? They can't, can they?
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  10. Paddy O'Dors

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    Not really nonsense but...


    Spotted Portsmouth again
  11. duff_man

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    Was in the metro yesterday morning, national fame
  12. It was on BBC news website too

  13. Good Lord :eek:

    "Shudder seid Somet :oops: I think I've got a new sig :lol:
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  14. Bob Fleming

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    #kfchalalgate on Sunderland Selling Page continues to entertain.

    A couple of canny nuggets from a well known Sunderland racist

    Wazza Faulkner you do know money from halal goes to fund terrorism


    Wazza Faulkner wait a minute ...ive read over what's been said for both sides and yet no one seems to grasp that .. THIS COUNTRY is a Christian state and why should we be forced to eat food from other religions ... do you see companies trying to force Muslims to eat non halal food you won't ..ever ... I agree that Muslims should not be left out of enjoying KFC AND so there are shops that are not halal .. so you get to choose where you want to eat ...

    Though they ain't as good as...

    Josh Elgram Fuck halal and fuck the peadofillic regime named islam
  15. Pop

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    Most takeaways these people eat food from will use halal meat, do they not realise this?!?!?!
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  16. Bob Fleming

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    Probably quite literally tucking in to a kebab as they type the shit
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  17. Royston Vasey

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    Mass hysteria in hertfordshire village when 2 people knock on someone's door....the woman at the top (a solicitor) advocated calling the police as they had no ID. Turns out they weren't asked for ID and were perfectly legitimate. One woman thought it was a scam because she was "under an umbrella and looking at her phone" when talking to her.
    The woman on the end is an idiot!
    I live in this village during the week and they were going mental the other when some 12 year olds were doing "wheelies" on their bikes (push bikes) in some street.


    This was how it started...

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  18. Marty Moose

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    "Too much Freud going on these days" - i wonder if they turned up at her door asking if she had oedipal desires about her parents
  19. :lol:
    A fantastic typo.
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  20. Royston Vasey

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    Brilliant isn't it :lol::lol:
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