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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sandboy, Jun 2, 2017.

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  2. Pants

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    I want to know more about this Muslim Halal Beast. Sounds tasty.
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  3. Love the way bucknuts try to take the moral high ground over how an animal died.
  4. They are usually quite big on gay rights as well.
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  5. rockaway

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    Some lass I went to school with,

    Facebook on a weekend all little charvas or slags whinging “I’m gonna take everyone
    Out just watch" well pal we've all been waiting for the past 1 year and still waiting stop letting your mouth go just cause you’ve had a gram of crushed paracetamol sit the fuck down and none buck back Betty posting lifts??? or "sesh"every fucking weekend no one wants to "sesh"with you ..sucking dirty dick for lines and lifts. you cum trench go home clean your ken and wash your tuna box fucking scruffs man how have I even got these ***** on Facebook I don’t knowANDDDDDDD DELETE”

    Bit verbose but I get the sentiment.
  6. Slippery Jim

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    There are over 900 McDonalds in Australia. 18 of them serve halal meat. Thats 2%. which matches the Muslim population there almost exactly (2.2% according to 2018 figures: Live Australia Population Clock 2018 - Polulation of Australia Today)
    Not sure why there is outrage about this.
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  7. alisafc

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    Just something else to blame Muslims for I guess. The amount of people here who are outraged about meat that is advertised as halal but quite happy to get takeaways which will no doubt be the same but they're to thick to know.
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  8. KST

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    Can't believe I walked in on Kelly and me dog shudder seid somet before like but shit will come out bich and if people won't to no what dog it's tank ask her ya self Kelly Ann and Kelly Ann and Kelly Ann Stover

  9. Old Prestonian

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    Sounds like Tank has been bucking Kelly Ann Stover.
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  10. girojim

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  11. She might just have been giving him a Tommy Tank.
  12. Old Prestonian

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    or Tank could've been licking her clout but I thought I'd just stick with basic translation rather than being a cunning linguist.
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  13. Not selling...
    If anyone has found a tiny, pink Adidas trainer in town, or on the walk from town to the Leisurezone carpark, please could you let me know. My baby lost one not too long ago and we would really like to be reunited with it as these were her first pair of shoes.
    Thank you.
  14. peil

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    Common in most towns, 15% Wads, 85% gurning fools who suffered from flash photography
  15. Keawyeds

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    "Cum Trench"

    That's inspired.
  16. Arkle

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    One tiny pink Adidas trainer. Suitable for one legged baby, aged 6 months to 1 year, or amputee cabbage patch doll. Open to offers.
    Thank you.
  17. Accompanying it was a picture of a 3 month old in pink Adidas trainers
  18. Arkle

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    Why would you buy a branded trainer for a 3 month old? 1) They don't run/walk 2) They'll grow out of them in no time at all. 3) Up until the age of 2, all children actively attempt to lose whatever footwear and clothing they're wearing.
  19. Chav idiots.. I didn't notice if the ears had been pierced yet
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  20. girojim

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    to post photos on facebook
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