The Estate: Life Up North


Thats him ..... Absolute cock
Ana a lass who works for him. One of thise skinny pig instructors
If that was the case does it not make sense the drug dealers attacked him for their money?

You said he tried to fit your mate up, I think the police would have investigated the injuries and hospital report
Thats what id put my money on.
Again that’s my point the police did investigate it all and have found nobody and charged nobody !!
Or he dropped the chargers and said nothing to police?
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Walked round Washington village this morning looked very nice,autumnal colours out in force.
Fair play to the local residents they volunteer and look after the plants in and around the village green 👍 great effort
Village is lovely
That lass on it who works in the sowing shop. Awful
Why? She had a tough time but then still built a really successful business for herself.
I didn’t find anything awful about her.
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