The English Game....


Decent so far and I can’t stand period dramas. Tbh I’d watch two half cut pub teams kick the shite out of each other on Marley Potts and think it was Pep’s Barcelona at this point.


Story of west Auckland winning the 1st World Cup, starring Tim Healey and Dennis waterman, most of the pit Village scene was filmed in Langley Park, the pub/changing rooms is the blue star pub still in the village
It's on YouTube. Aye, Waterman playing a NE pitman is a stretch, but I believe he put money up to help make the film, so fair enough.

Amazing story - the first winner of The World Cup was a Durham pit Village... 😄
Darwen fc, we were just about to break their consecutive defeat record or at least match it before we went and beat Preston away 2-0 under mick mack, I was there on my own that day being looked after no doubt by @Parkmaverick and a few other regulars, Sean thornton scored iirc