The dropping of Dobson


3 CMs, especially those types of players would be absolutely chronic.
How come? Power looks to push forward but is being held back and Dobson seemed to be able to go up and down. He definitely looks more technical than o9. I think McGeouch is the best option on the holding role. He's by far the best at keeping possession.


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A would maybe start him Saturday instead of power see how he goes or deffo mcgeough a thought power constantly gave the ball away last night or silly fouls


Think he’s abit unlucky to miss out to Leadbitter. Personally dont think he’s offered that much in the middle of the park since coming in for Dobson. Certainly nothing that Dobson wouldn’t offer. His set play delivery is obviously very good so maybe that’s why.


Drop Maguire and go with Power, Dobson and McGeough in the middle. We need to control the game in the middle of the pitch and dictate to the opposition.

All McGeady and Gooch want to do is get shots off at goal. Playing 3 in the middle will allow them to get further up the pitch to do this.

O9 was dropped for being poor and only brought back in to cover at RB.
Everytime we drop Maguire it bites us on the arse - we are much better with him in the team imho


i don't think he offers much different tbh. we've got loads of midfielders who all do the same kind of thing.

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I think Ross is just going with experience at the minute due to the high pressure of the games. Thought it was an awful decision not to bring him on second half last night though and it nearly cost us.
That was the mistake that nearly cost us the 3 points. It think it's JR's mentality when we take a lead in the 2nd half, he immediately switches to a defensive set up so we are backs to the wall for the remainder of the game. We will never "kill-off" games employing this mentality. Dobbo is a good swap for Power, in fact I reckon Dobbo could be better than Max and if he came on I could see us killing them off 3 or 4 goals to 1.... you could play these two together as they are both CM's. Likewise Grant & Dylan are very similar, but playing them together snuffs out any attacking threat and makes us ultra defensive. Pure DM's. Away from home it's ok, but I'd like to see us when at home going for the jugular and building massive confidence.

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Whatever we think of the style so far, we’ve lost 5 of the 50 regular league games that JR has managed in L1. And 2 of those were meaningless end of season games. It feels like the 2 seasons under Reid in the Championship - almost but not quite in season 1, then in season 2 plug a couple of gaps in the team, start unbeaten (remember first 10 were 5 draws / 5 wins) and then gain enough confidence to realise that playing for the first 30 minutes and putting the game to bed early is better than playing for the final 30 minutes and chasing.
wouldnt blame dobbo if he feels badly done to, hope he knuckles down and proves the dour gaffer wrang instead of sulking there mate
I would love to see us abolish this defensive midfielder sitting in front of the back four and see two dynamic players who have a bit of energy in midfield and are able to give us that high press game Ross is supposedly famous for north of the border, that being Dobson and Power imo.


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Agree but Power did well against Portsmouth.

Would be tempted to put Dobson back in then. Long season and rotation is necessary.

We’ve got strong CM options at this level thankfully.
Couldn’t disagree more personally. I think they are all a bit shit and we never ever ever control the midfield it seems.