The current reality of how long it could be before we are back in the Premier league

I'm 50 this year and have been fortunate enough to see us play top flight/premier league football for many years

In the past few times we've been relegated from the Premier league we've managed to go back up pretty much straight away. But looking at big clubs like Leeds, Notts forest, Sheff Wed etc they've been down in the championship for years on top of clubs like Stoke, , Huddersfield who were playing in the Premier league not so long ago but are really struggling to even stay up

It seems even harder these days to make a real fist of it in the championship. Even if we are taken over in the summer by someone or a group of people with serious money the reality of us being back in the Premier league could be a long way away


I think too many people (mostly the people who run the club) care about playing in the PL and not having a proper football team...what good is it to play in the Premier League just to get bent over week after week? Even in League 1 we struggle to play consistent my opinion, we are a long way of having a decent PL squad that can compete in the top 10.


If we can go up this season we'll have the momentum and I think we can go straight through the championship. We'll need 4 or 5 decent players though. The championship is pretty poor on the whole.