The Bullied Syrian Kid - Other Side of the Story

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Aituk7, Dec 5, 2018.

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  2. Aituk7

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    What makes you think I went to private school :lol:
  3. Billy2Sheds

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    Might be getting you mixed up with another poster . Hit them with a brick when theyre not looking then mate
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  4. Aituk7

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    I went to a comp
  5. Billy2Sheds

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    As I said must have u mixed up .. toffs for Tommy
  6. Sam Handwich

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  7. Aituk7

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    Some of the stuff that gets posted on facebook.. and they take this down :confused:
  8. Sam Handwich

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    Can't see how it's breached any of their regulations
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  9. Aituk7

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    It won't have, double standards as always.

    It's like when twitter banned his account for being hateful but hamas and hezbollah get to keep theirs :lol:
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  10. You keep wittering about absolutes but it’s meaningless nonsense

    Given you say that you have no views on this topic, you’re just throwing it out there, the above is hugely contradictory.

    I’ve told you how you are coming across, that’s it. You can ignore it as you wish
  11. cosmicchris00

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    I wouldn't believe a word Yaxley Lennon says.

    He's a rabble rousing bigot
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  12. bryc1

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    Haway Tommy lad !!
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  13. Aituk7

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    I'm not saying I don't have views on the topic at all. I said my op was neutral.

    It's not meaningless at all. It's bang on correct.

    And if you think that's contradictory then it's you who needs to sort out your point of view. If you don't think it's wrong that Hezbollah and Hamas have Twitter accounts but TR can't have one then that's ridiculous.
  14. So you’re agreeing with him then? Excellent ta
  15. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    That's pathetic :lol:
  16. Yeah. That’s pathetic

    At least I say what I think eh?
  17. Aituk7

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    No one knows if anyone should be believed.
  18. GK

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    Its true though.
  19. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    So do I. When have I not? I get shit off ya all the time for what I think :lol:

    No.... Why would you think that?

    Does it not actually matter what I say.

    Why do you feel the need to just categorise someone and regardless of what I say go well secretly he thinks that.

    It's fucking stupid.
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  20. Ernst Rhom is making things up there. Facts are somebody was filmed beating up a wimpy looking Syrian kid. Trying to turn that into Nazi propaganda just makes his agenda look more strained.

    It's a bit weird if we're honest. His obsession is suggestive of a personality disorder and he should probably see a shrink before he does himself or somebody else some serious harm.

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