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  1. Wayne The Punk

    Wayne The Punk Striker

    I met my ex wife in there, she was a barmaid around 1980.
    I was asked by the doorman one night to stop anyone else coming in as time had been called. 3 lads turned up, I told them "its shut lads its time", "are you going to stop us coming in?" "Go straight up the stairs lads"

    It was also the pub a lot of the lads would meet in before the match, and it used to open at 10:30 on a saturday, which was a big deal in those days.

    I got fucking smashed in there one boxing day before a game at Newcastle, on Double Maxim, then Southern Comfort, got the last train through, battered the fuckers outside the station before the match, I got a good kicking afterwards, and we got beat

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Its all about how much £££ goes into it.Josephs etc was done on Changing rooms budget

    Remember a random lad with a mag top on,not even derby day,8pm sat night.Lasted about 20 minutes and someone poured a pint over his head
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  3. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    Used to like popping in there after I’d been in to see Andy and the boys at Aphrodite .
    Used to put the Floyd on the jukebox and sit in the big window watching the fanny go by
  4. Wayne The Punk

    Wayne The Punk Striker

    The manager back then was a mag, I remember a mag top being set on fire upstairs :)
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  5. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    Railway is to be turned into a spar

    Has Peter opened the Salty back up yet ?
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  6. lurker

    lurker Winger

    Hope they do the bogs
  7. Aldyyyy

    Aldyyyy Winger

    Ne wonder they aren't answering the bastard phone, been ringing up to see if anyone had handed mine in :lol:
  8. roppa

    roppa Midfield

    weren't it a spiral staircase in early 80's, to the side of the toilets which haven't changed in 40 years! Upstairs was always an acquired taste sometimes the revamp was too light, sometimes music too loud, and sometimes they got the goldilocks moment and got it just fucking right!
  9. ozz

    ozz Central Defender

    And Masons amusements before that I think.

    What year was that ?
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Not ringing any bells
  11. __howdy__

    __howdy__ Winger

    Which part? First pint there would have been 2000ish. Was regular from around 2003-2008ish?
  12. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    Was a garage aswell wasn’t it ?

    JAZZMANB Striker

    I think it was a butchers or wholesalers of some kind ???
  14. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    Old pics I’ve seen is a garage mate
  15. Wasn't Sinatras something like a printers or opticians back in the day ?

    JAZZMANB Striker

    no one seems sure ! i'll find out
  17. I seem to have vague memories of it being a printers in the 70s but I also think I have seen a photo of it with a huge pair of spectacles as a shop sign from the 50s.
  18. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Northumbria print works was further up, it's (or was ) now an amusement arcade. Gilly is right, was a garage early 80's.
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  19. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    The building looks like a garage aswell tbh
  20. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    I wandered into the borough upstairs one weekend summer night in the early 80s to a bit of a commotion. I was told that someone had just left via an upstairs window. Later on that night I was told it was someone I know.
    I’ll not mention his name but a few on here know him and most will know his work. Twas the lad who does the signs on the Tyne bridge and shearers emporium etc........don’t know if it really was him leaving via the window but I wouldn’t put it past him!
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